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Where has all your struggling and suffering begun? There is only one common thread between your suffering — and it’s not your outside environment, the people involved, or even the food you ate beforehand.… READ MORE

Since you were young, society conditioned you to trust authority figures. Whether it was your parents, your teachers, or any kind of expert.
But this blind obedience to authority figures and experts creates a massive amount of suffering.… READ MORE

Ask most people what their end goal is for life, and they’ll say either happiness or freedom. And here is where your problems begin:
Happiness and freedom are the fuel to drive your car to an actualized, blissful life.… READ MORE

If you get diagnosed with OCD, bipolar disorder, or anything else, your first thought is to believe it.
But what if you’re wrong? What if labeling these differences as problems makes them feel insurmountable?… READ MORE

Everyone believes in “The Great Lie,” whether they realize it or not.
And this “Great Lie” holds you hostage to your past, your misery, your suffering, and your trauma.
But here’s the good news:
Banishing your past, your misery, your suffering, and your trauma only requires you to stop believing this “Great Lie.”
And in this episode, you’ll discover what “The Great Lie” is and how to free yourself from its sadistic grip over you.… READ MORE

The culture around addiction and mental illness today convinces you that you have a massive problem. It’s fueled by your subconscious mind. And it’s something you’re helpless over.
But what if none of that is true?… READ MORE

Most Americans grow up believing hard work is a virtue. But you distort this seemingly harmless belief into a wild beast of misery.
Because you go out of your way to make everything harder. From your career to parenting and even your own happiness.… READ MORE

Everyone knows about the placebo effect. It creates positive changes in your body because of your thoughts alone.
But almost nobody knows about the nocebo effect, which haunts our society like a vampire.… READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

How worrying what other people think of you can harm your body and make you worse off. (11:42)
Why you might be hard-wired to worry what others think of you (and how to banish this unhealthy habit) (14:45)
The counterintuitive way your friends and family make you internalize toxic thoughts and keep you chained to your worries.… READ MORE

Most people who struggle with their emotions or mental health first turn to “mind exercises” like therapy or meditation.
While therapy and meditation may help, they’re not as powerful or effective as working with your body to reverse your mental turmoil.… READ MORE

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