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Do you want to be a victim of your own memory?

The unfortunate truth is, while unwilling to admit it, most people kind of like being a victim of their memory.


Well, it’s comfortable and it absolves you of responsibility for things that happened in your life that you didn’t like. But it comes with a steep cost:

When you're a victim of your own memory, you cannot live every moment of your life in complete joy. Your past traumas and suffering haunt you relentlessly. And it fills you with misery.

Here’s the good news:

You can stop being a victim of your own memory—as soon as today. All it requires is questioning your memories, and the stories you told yourself about those memories.

And in this episode, you’ll discover how to challenge your memories—even your most traumatizing ones—and delete them from your “code.”

Want to live every moment of your life in complete bliss, free from your past (and your future)?

Listen now.

Show Highlights Include

  • How treating life like one big, fat joke relieves your stress and boosts your joy (even during tough times) (0:53)
  • The too-obvious observation that sounds silly but gives you a life jacket that can pull you out of anxiety and depression (2:03)
  • Why questioning your thoughts about the future can instantly suffocate your suffering (4:15)
  • The insidious way “pasting” and “futuring” puts your misery on steroids (5:55)
  • How to make yourself grateful for annoying problems that pop up in your life like blowing a tire (6:42)
  • Why embracing freedom can transform what would’ve been an anxiety-inducing situation into a fun experience (8:04)
  • How you can literally “rewrite” your past and delete your traumas from your psyche with the GPS technique (11:25)
  • The “memory doesn’t exist” mindset shift for freeing yourself from a haunting past (12:05)
  • Why your memories are set up in your brain to predict future things—not accurate representations of your past (and how this enables you to experience bliss in every moment) (25:20)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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