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Servanthood is an important ingredient that holds communities and families together.

Serving others helps build strong communities and changes the lives of others around you. Even something as simple as offering a helping hand can make a difference in somebody's life.

It is a catalyst for achieving even greater things as an individual and a community.

And can be your very first step toward being an even more effective leader.

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of servanthood to your community and world at large. You’ll discover how to spark happiness within yourself by sharing joy with others.

Listen now.

Show Highlights Include:

  • The importance of servanthood to the community. (1:01)
  • How servanthood eliminates two of the biggest challenges that haunts our communities. (1:44)
  • The positive impact of World War II (and what you can learn from the people who lived in that era). (2:27)
  • How paying forward a stranger’s kindness saved me from despair (and how to inject joy into your life even when you’re depressed). (6:42)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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