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When everything around you is changing, traditions can feel like a thing of the past. They don’t seem relevant or of value.
But when you don’t exercise certain traditions, there’s a sense of loss.READ MORE

We’ve all heard the saying before – The early bird catches the worm. And while it might seem like arriving a few minutes early doesn’t do much, it is the best chance you have for success. 
Being early makes you an instant professional.READ MORE

Go, go, go. Spend, spend, spend. Buy, buy, buy. 
The consumer mindset in our society pushes us into thinking that the next purchase will make us happy. Yet so many people feel empty and depressed. Instead of focusing on what they have, they dwell on what they lack.READ MORE

Being relentless is about more than having talent or connections. It’s about stopping at nothing to get what you want.
A person can have all the talent in the world and do nothing with it. When things go wrong, they never move past obstacles and excuses.… READ MORE

Being loyal has a bad rep these days. Between bad relationships and bosses, people are more loyal to themselves. And it has led people into having a “me” mindset instead of a “we” mindset.
But being loyal is still valuable to your life.… READ MORE

Do you ever remember someone telling you to “give it some thought” or “think things through?” That’s because critical thinking leads to better decisions.
And if you never make time to think, you’ll always depend on snap judgments and reactions.… READ MORE

It’s easy to respond with negativity in a negative world. But what if one bad thought led to a day of bad decisions? Would you think differently?
Some believe it is your attitude that determines your success.READ MORE

When everything goes wrong in life, it’s easy to throw in the towel. The obstacles seem too great and it feels like everyone is against you.
But every successful person has ups and downs. The difference is whether you use your problems to prosper (or tear you down).… READ MORE

With everything happening in the world, everyone needs a space they can feel safe in.
Turning on the TV makes you full of anxious and fear. You want to help others but feel without hope.
Living in bad news for too long breaks the most uplifting spirits.… READ MORE

Having friends is a blast. You enjoy the good times and feel loved. You might even think you have a lot of them.
And then life goes south… You might need a helping hand or someone to talk to. Those “friends” are nowhere near.… READ MORE

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