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We live in a backwards society full of illusions. We take people’s word for things without experiencing it ourselves. We buy into their theories about addiction and depression, only to become more addicted and depressed.… READ MORE

Most people treat their problems like moving into a new house: They fill their new place with all their old stuff from their past so it feels like “home.”
But clinging to your memories causes untold amounts of suffering, misery, and anguish in your psyche.… READ MORE

People treat their addictions, traumas, and mental suffering like unwanted pets. After dealing with it for a period of time, leaving it behind creates sadness. 
But there’s a big, fat problem with this mindset: 
Your struggles—mental or physical—aren’t unwanted pets.READ MORE

As humans, we try to separate ourselves from animals and nature as much as possible. We believe that thinking makes us different from every other type of life on the planet.
But this is a mistake which creates suffering.… READ MORE

Humans trap themselves in the pursuit of becoming special. We learn new amazing skills, ditch our worst habits, and try our darndest to improve ourselves instead of living a mediocre life.
But this actually makes us more miserable because we’re never satisfied.… READ MORE

Our society glorifies shortcuts and band-aids to heal deep-rooted suffering. But these shortcuts don’t work. In fact, they prolong our suffering.
Because any affliction suffocating you—from depression and anxiety to addiction and trauma—is a byproduct of the real problem.… READ MORE

Most people live with their suffering for so long, they don’t even realize it’s affecting them. This can come from trauma, past addictions, chronic pain, and even autoimmune diseases. 
But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t experience true freedom, peace, and joy. READ MORE

Many younger guys—and some older—wonder how much they should tell their significant other about their addiction-filled past.
Should you just spill the beans and get it out of the way as soon as possible?… READ MORE

Almost every trauma started in your childhood. And no parent wants to repeat this trauma cycle with their children. Parenting is already hard enough, and not knowing what the future holds makes your job 100x harder. READ MORE

Disney movies, popular books, and rom-coms ruin more relationships than you’d think. Too often, angsty, single men with no relationship success create these fantasized stories. And it fools the best couples into sabotaging their marriage. READ MORE

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