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People usually take “eat, drink, and be merry” as hedonistic advice from the devil. 
But what if these three factors are the key to living a healthy and fulfilled life? 
Well, I have good news for you. READ MORE

There are moral and practical rules littered throughout life. While these rules usually keep life running smoothly, they also create unnecessary suffering. 
Rules are for toddlers. And there are two types of rules that you must transcend to experience more success, freedom, and happiness.READ MORE

Everyone carries a certain amount of suffering on their shoulders. Whether you battle addiction, mental anguish, or past traumas that make happiness impossible.
What if you didn’t have to carry any suffering around — regardless of how much your past haunts you?… READ MORE

We fill our minds with false stories, myths, and legends that justify our emotions. While it’s possible to use this human “glitch” to feel happier, most people use it to deepen their depression and worthlessness. READ MORE

There are three levels to processing emotion. The first level is feeling like it’s happening to you. The second level is using your emotions as fuel. And the third level is seeing your negative emotions and creating a positive experience from them.… READ MORE

Everyone thinks we have to solve our problems right now. But one problem everyone faces is death. We’re all going to die and there’s nothing we can do about it.
Yet when people are on their deathbed, they have an overwhelming feeling of surrender and serenity.… READ MORE

Did you know that Satan was almost never mentioned in the Old Testament? And he was always described as a person. He wasn’t some mystical, invisible force set out to destroy your life.
Yet, most people who believe in Satan hand their life over to him.… READ MORE

A lot of self-help books, secrets to success formulas, and online gurus promise you an easy path to getting everything you want in life. But it doesn’t work for most people. Worse yet, it can fill you with misery during the process.… READ MORE

Most, if not all, all your suffering comes from one place. What’s this place? 
Asking the wrong questions. 
Here’s what I mean: 
You can phrase any question about your addictions, misery, suffering, or life to feel like a victim.READ MORE

The Sermon of the Mount holds a ton of wisdom, whether you’re Christian or not. It’s a beautiful piece of scripture that teaches so many fundamental truths of life.
But most people miss a message that’s hidden behind a metaphor.… READ MORE

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