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You get in your own way more than you think. This is especially true when you want something — like more money, a better relationship with your spouse, or to ditch your mental health problems.
Here’s the trouble:
The more you want something, the harder it is to get it.… READ MORE

There’s a lot of misinterpretation about the Garden of Eden story in the bible. And unfortunately, we can trace back nearly all of human suffering to one big lie that Satan told Eve in that story. 
That lie is this: that you are not good enough.READ MORE

Context is everything — and this is particularly true with your unique mental health characteristics. The problem is mental health “experts” prescribe one solution for every person. And this blinds you from seeing your mental quirks as a gift. READ MORE

Authority attacks you from all angles — religion, science, your parents, and even society. But you become powerless when you believe something has authority over you. 
For example, I did energy work on someone struggling with trauma at a recent retreat.READ MORE

When most people think of orgasms, they think of sex. But what if I told you that you could have orgasmic experiences outside of your bedroom?
We all have felt orgasms that weren’t because of sex — but our language prevented us from thinking of it like that. READ MORE

Are compliments always good? 
On the surface, it seems that complimenting others and yourself helps build your confidence. But if you look deeper, you see that it destroys your confidence. 
When you give others compliments, you’re training them to always worry about what others think.READ MORE

Society, culture, and tradition “force” a lot of beliefs on us from our childhood. As we grow older, we start to identify with these different beliefs. For example, gender roles and gender identity. READ MORE

Perfectionism haunts all of us. And it poisons our soul and destroys everything good we’ve accomplished. 
But you don’t have to let your perfectionism ruin everything you love about life. Once you understand the source of perfectionism, you can create a plan to eliminate it. READ MORE

As humans, we often get disgusted by other people. But the only reason we have an emotional reaction to other people is because we see that vulgar behavior in ourselves.
For example, when you get annoyed by seeing someone else stuff their face it’s because in some area of your life, you’re neglecting your health.READ MORE

Having a faith crisis can be difficult and lonely. It’s not easy to leave your church and tell your family — especially if you feel like you’ve been betrayed by your beliefs.
But a faith crisis can also be graceful.… READ MORE

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