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When you put someone up on a pedestal, you throw yourself down in a pit. And when you look at others as beneath you, you discount their opinions and beliefs. 
Either type of comparison creates unnecessary suffering.READ MORE

The Bible has been through billions of different interpretations. That means there’s no reliable way to truly understand what the originator meant. 
There’s a problem with following sacred books like the Bible: We create our own gospels based on our perceptions and then browbeat other people into believing it.READ MORE

Many of us think that we need to be passionate about something to live a fulfilling life. But that’s not true. 
In fact, you seek passion in the first place because you’ve taught yourself to suffer.READ MORE

There’s some divine intelligence inside you that’s responsible for all of your growing and living.
Here’s what that means for you:
You don’t need to “fix” your problems. You don’t need to battle your addictive behaviors and tendencies every day.… READ MORE

Throughout your life, you’ve been brainwashed into using other peoples’ eyes and ears to live your life. And it’s usually from people with the best intentions. 
Even revered historical figures like the stoic philosophers subconsciously programmed you.READ MORE

We don’t really know who we are. So we create imaginary stories in our head so we can understand ourselves better.
But these stories are at the root of all your suffering. The second you identify with a hobby, skill, religion, shortcoming, or belief, you invite unnecessary problems into your life. READ MORE

Addiction is no more of a spiritual problem than picking your nose. 
In fact, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that addiction was even considered a spiritual problem. 
Here’s why this matters for you: 
Having addictive tendencies or compulsive behaviors doesn’t mean you’re spiritually bankrupt.READ MORE

When you examine addiction up close and personal you realize something:
You’re addicted to your memories of your first experiences of your addiction — not to the thing itself. This is why it’s never been proven that addictive substances or behaviors exist.… READ MORE

Most of us put life on “extreme difficulty” mode. We make life excruciatingly hard by creating problems out of thin air then beating ourselves up after we can’t solve them.
But you don’t have to live life this way.… READ MORE

Fear of failure haunts many of us. When we’re afraid to fail, we make more mistakes, drain our happiness, and fill ourselves with self-doubt.
But what if failure wasn’t real? 
The fortunate truth is: you create failure inside your own head — it doesn’t exist outside of your head. READ MORE

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