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This is part two of the greatest learning lessons from 2018 with Chris Evans & Taylor Welch.
If you missed part one, hit the link below to go straight there and get up to speed:
Click here to go straight to episode #127 
Here Are The Show Highlights:
– How to build your online influence in 2019 by pissing people off (1:40)
– The most advanced conversion tool ever known to man…almost everyone owns one and almost everyone is terrified of using it!… READ MORE

I used to think I had to put off doing what I really wanted to do until “someday.”
And that “someday” almost always had something to do with making a certain income.
I used to think that I had to have the right person or relationship in my life to be “complete.”
I thought I needed to “arrive” before I could be happy.… READ MORE

If you’re anything like most investors, your dream sounds a little bit like this: You have enough motivated seller leads that you can choose which ones will make you the most money. You make a good living from investing without working the entire day and you get to spend a lot of time with your friends and family.… READ MORE

Do you ever feel stressed about money in your business? 
No matter how hard you try to make sales and keep the cash flow coming in, you can’t seem to keep the money in your account or even pay yourself?… READ MORE

Between work, school, kids, and everything in between, eating healthy often gets put on the back burner. The good news is there are a few things you can do to make sure you dig into a healthy and balanced meal…even if it’s taken to-go!… READ MORE

It’s always a valuable learning exercise to take a little time to review the past year and all its events; what happened, what you achieved, and what you could have done better.
In this episode, Chris and Taylor share some of their greatest business and life lessons from 2018.… READ MORE

This could be a tough one to understand. Because the truth is, if you ever feel completely satisfied with everything in your life, chances are, you haven’t set the bar high enough and have probably given in to the temptation of accepting mediocrity.… READ MORE

When you’ve got a normal day job, you’ve got a few tasks and that’s it. Choosing your own path and running a holistic practice, you’re faced with a ton of a slew of different things from serving your patients to accounting.… READ MORE

The 1930’s marked a crucial decade in American history.
The Great Depression: One of the deepest, longest-lasting economic downturns in the history of the Western world, challenging many American families in major economic, social, and psychological ways.… READ MORE

There’s a big secret that makes the difference between having a sucky life… and a life of financial freedom.
It’s what I call the “E versus E” secret.
One “E” way makes you a slave.
The other “E” way makes you financially free.… READ MORE

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