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Too often we fall into a career or business, but never ask ourselves if it makes us happy. Making millions of dollars doesn’t matter if you hate what you do for 8 hours a day.
Any problems that can be solved with money aren’t real problems.… READ MORE

Every entrepreneur isn’t a CEO (even if they think they are). The truth is, they both require two completely different skill sets.
For example, you can hustle your way to 6 figures. But you’ll never be able to consistently clear 7 figures working 24/7 on your own.… READ MORE

There’s one question that instantly reveals if you’re a “10x CEO” or not. 
And it doesn’t have anything to do with yourself, your employees, or the systems in place in your business. 
Instead, it has to do with outside influences in your company.  READ MORE

Writing down your goals seems like cliche advice. But it works like gangbusters.
When you don’t write your goals down and review them everyday, you’ll never feel satisfied. This chains you to your business, no matter how much you achieve.… READ MORE

Thought leaders advising you to “follow your passion” run rampant today. The problem is: Passion alone isn’t enough to get you through your most challenging obstacles. 
Most people have a backwards understanding of passion.READ MORE

You can make a lot of excuses about why you’re not a millionaire. Whether you’re too young, too inexperienced, or don’t have enough capital to invest. 
But they’re only excuses at the end of the day.READ MORE

Most people try to hide all of their flaws when they’re on sales calls. Not only does this erode trust in your company and product, but it’s not even an effective way to sell. 
Truth is, transparency has always sold better than perfection.READ MORE

All of the most successful entrepreneurs had humiliating failures at some point in their career. 
The difference between becoming wildly successful or experiencing embarrassing failures? 
Your fears.READ MORE

Facebook Groups can be one of the best ways to promote yourself, figure out what your clients want, and make it rain on your bank account. But most people don’t understand the right way to build a Facebook Group that makes money. READ MORE

Being a great leader means you have to do counterintuitive things. For example, today’s guest, John Salajka learned that while pushing people hard achieved massive results, it also undermined his team and made them quit. READ MORE

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