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A secret ingredient separates those who constantly level up and achieve new financial heights from those who stay stuck…
It’s self-sabotage.
If you’ve been working your butt off, putting in ten times the effort of your competitors, and still aren’t getting to where you want to be, self-sabotage might be holding you back.… READ MORE

People often believe that success in both business and life depends solely on hard work and persistence.
However, this belief is only partially true.
What tends to be overlooked is the crucial importance of truly understanding oneself profoundly.… READ MORE

Have you discovered the guiding star of your business?
It’s like a compass that directs you throughout your career, making your work more rewarding and satisfying.
Sadly, many people never find it…
This is why they feel miserable after spending years in a job that brings them no joy.… READ MORE

Apart from needing to hustle, it’s thinking that…
Your business isn’t going to make any money for the next 5 years (and you need to work for pennies on the dollar.)
In theory, this makes sense.
You’re a new business.… READ MORE

You think you struggle with time management? Productivity? Or not making enough money?
You’re not alone. Most people think they struggle with these problems. But actually, these are just symptoms of a bigger problem.… READ MORE

Most founders “over engineer” their business, killing productivity and results because of it.
Instead of focusing on what actually creates prosperity in their business…
They’re busy worrying about the latest 17-step whiz bang funnel.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs crash and burn, not because they’re burnt out, but because they aren’t connected to God.
They think spending more time reading the Bible, praying, and attending Church on Sunday is a waste of time.… READ MORE

When you ask “what makes a business fail”, you’d probably answer with “bad marketing”, “poor fulfillment”, or “weak sales skills”.
And you’d be right.
But at the root of all these problems is a far more fundamental mistake.… READ MORE

Why did you get into business?
If you’re like most of us, you saw a future of freedom, independence and wealth. That’s the dream.
But the harsh reality is, most entrepreneurs work their knuckles to the bone with little to show for it.… READ MORE

Whether you like it or not, the advertising landscape is changing faster than ever before.
ChatGPT, iOS14.5, and TikTok personalized ads were all introduced in the last 2 years… and there are more innovations to come.… READ MORE

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