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Most people lack the courage to start their own business. The reason why usually is that most new businesses fail in the first year.
But making it through that first year, you can translate it into a thriving business.READ MORE

Many leaders think that commanding and controlling their people is the best way to lead. But what you may not realize is your teammates will resist your leadership.
When you build personal relationships and a championship culture, your teammates will follow your lead.READ MORE

You may not be able to just pick up and go where you want and when you want. The lack of freedom is usually the reason why you can’t.
But you may want to do that. And when you have freedom, financial freedom, you’ll be able to go as you please on your schedule.READ MORE

If you go through a midlife crisis, many results can happen. But if you hire a coach that has a similar personality as yourself, you can come out of that situation better off.
Joe Matz went through a midlife crisis.READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs don’t take care of their body. And because of that it affects their mind.
But when you eat healthy, exercise, meditate and visualize what your business should look like, you transform into the best person you can be.… READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs fail at reaching their full potential. Because they lack the drive to follow through.
But when you create and implement systems and procedures that lead you through mundane or difficult times, it’s liberating.… READ MORE

Without sales your business fails. But getting sales doesn’t have to be difficult.
Simply bring a positive attitude and a strong work ethic and people will flock to you even if you can’t help them.
Sales Coach Clint Mansfield runs a successful coaching firm where he helps salespeople learn the skills they need to become successful.READ MORE

If you choose to become the rising star of your company versus spending more time with your family, many people will pick the path of money.
You may think getting the money first will let you have time with your family.READ MORE

Choosing a mastermind group is difficult. Creating one is even more challenging.
But when you are a part of a mastermind group that energizes you, it’s the shot in the arm you need to excel.
Mastermind coach Paul Moehring leads a successful coaching firm.READ MORE

Nearly all entrepreneurs reinvest their earnings back into their businesses to grow their company. But did you know that reinvesting into your company is a scarcity mindset? And by doing so limits the growth of your company.READ MORE

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