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All of the most successful entrepreneurs had humiliating failures at some point in their career. 
The difference between becoming wildly successful or experiencing embarrassing failures? 
Your fears.READ MORE

Facebook Groups can be one of the best ways to promote yourself, figure out what your clients want, and make it rain on your bank account. But most people don’t understand the right way to build a Facebook Group that makes money. READ MORE

Being a great leader means you have to do counterintuitive things. For example, today’s guest, John Salajka learned that while pushing people hard achieved massive results, it also undermined his team and made them quit. READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs try to avoid pain. But this will only create a mountain of suffering that could sabotage everything you’ve worked so hard to build. 
Almost everything you do as an entrepreneur is painful.READ MORE

Most people give up on their dreams when they meet an obstacle. But the most successful entrepreneurs actively seek out obstacles because they realize opportunity hides behind obstacles. 
But you can’t see these opportunities when you’re neck deep in busy work that doesn’t pay your bills.READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs claim that they’ve always had an “entrepreneurial spirit” even as kids. While this sounds great for them, it could make you feel like you’re destined for a corporate life of misery if you didn’t run a lemonade stand empire by the time you were 8.READ MORE

When we work with clients, it’s easy to tell them what they should do even if it’s not the best path for them. This is something Lance Hazzard, a certified executive coach of Fortune 100 companies, calls “Shoulda Podding.” 
Not only does this turn them away from your solutions, but it can make them resent you. READ MORE

It takes a team effort to win a championship in sports. But ask any successful sports team and they’ll tell you that winning a championship isn’t the goal, it’s the reward. 
The goal is to get better every single day — regardless of what obstacles you face.READ MORE

Leadership is like parenting. There’s one big problem with this — most leaders and parents aren’t doing it right. 
For example, the point of parenting isn’t to raise a child. It’s to raise an adult.READ MORE

Too many business owners focus on tactics to grow their business. When you put all your focus into certain tactics, it drowns you in confusion and uncertainty. 
The result? 
You work longer and harder hours without adding coins to your bank account.READ MORE

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