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Sometimes the obvious move leads your business down a path of destruction:

The “most qualified” candidate is usually a mindless robot in person.
Being too generous with your team robs them of the ability to grow.… READ MORE

Public speaking isn’t something we’re born with. A lack of confidence can make or break you when presenting to clients.
Instead of appearing cool, calm, and collected, you could appear incompetent and unprofessional — and they could seek another service provider asap.… READ MORE

Growth by acquisition is an attractive idea.
Instead of fighting tooth and nail for years to acquire customers, hitting capacity, and then hiring… you can pay once and get those customers and team members instantly.… READ MORE

Have you ever felt frozen by the guilt of your failures?
Guilt strikes all of us from time to time. But for a business owner, it can become your worst enemy.
It prevents you from progressing in your business… which leads to failure.… READ MORE

True story:
Somewhere out there, there is a CEO.
He’s bringing home millions every year. His business has 10x’ed in the last three years. But here’s the kicker:
He only works 2 hours a week and spends the rest of his time traveling.… READ MORE

Imagine looking at an invoice for $12,000 you don’t have. And then paying it.
You might think it would be crazy…
Or downright stupid!
And maybe you’d be right. But that’s what I just did.… READ MORE

We all know listening goes a long way towards getting results for your clients.
After all, if they don’t feel understood, why would they bother taking your advice?
But most coaches make innocent listening mistakes, leaving their clients confused about what to do next.… READ MORE

It’s a sight service providers can relate to:
Your client has done it again. A last-minute change has left you scrambling for the deadline, darting back and forth between emails and the task at hand.… READ MORE

Imagine losing 3 of your 5 senior leaders in 60 days. The sheer chaos, confusion among staff, lack of productivity, and the feeling of losing business momentum.
Not an ideal situation.
Unfortunately, this is what David Anderson, CEO of Off Madison Ave, faced when he hired an employee who didn’t align with his business culture.… READ MORE

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the shower, and a great idea appears. It’s going to make you a millionaire. You tell your friends, family, and potential clients, and they all love the idea.
Convinced, you purchase a domain on GoDaddy, spend the next 4 days straight curating the perfect landing page, and when it comes time to launch…
Crickets.… READ MORE

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