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As leaders, we get results because we’re driven by ambition and obsessed focus.
That relentless focus makes many leaders neglect their families and abandon friendships. But a small elite of business leaders have both: Awesome relationships and a thriving business.… READ MORE

“Just get it done.”
This piece of advice could destroy your business. Yes, everyone wants to take shortcuts. They want to reach their goals faster and grow their business at warp speed.
But if “going faster” isn’t the right way, what is?… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs start their business because they want financial freedom, exotic vacations, family time… the list goes on.
But most get the opposite: While money piles up in their bank accounts, they work nights and weekends, miss their kids’ soccer games and constantly feel stressed.… READ MORE

We all know the importance of having a great coach or a mentor. But most of us ignore this and try to figure everything out for ourselves. This can take an extremely long time to get to our desired result. Why struggle when you can have someone that has already figured it out can guide you with almost immediate results?… READ MORE

Over the past few years, companies had more money to invest than they knew what to do with. That’s changing. As the economic climate changes, businesses have to reduce their expenses.
That’s bad news for agencies, consulting firms and coaching practices.… READ MORE

You already know that success doesn’t happen alone. With few exceptions, every multi-million dollar company was built on the backbone of an effective team.
But if your team needs micro-managing, or they’re in constant conflict, your business is doomed.… READ MORE

Putting out fires all day is no way to run a business. It’s stressful, tedious, and most importantly, it distracts you from your business goals.
If you want to drive results, you’ve got to take a step back and see the bigger picture.… READ MORE

Look at the greatest businesses of all time: Amazon, Apple, Microsoft.

Though they span different industries, they have one thing in common: they’re spearheaded by a man with unwavering self-belief. 
A rock-solid mindset is so important, failure is almost certain without it. READ MORE

As results leaders, we strive towards big goals. Your goal may be related to money, freedom or something else entirely. But whatever you strive for, one thing’s for sure.
When you fail, it hurts. And if left unchecked, failures make us throw away our goals and dive into the depths of despair.… READ MORE

Many CEOs seek out other entrepreneurs for coaching advice. And finding the right coach can be difficult.
But it doesn’t have to be. By asking yourself the right questions you can learn from both good and bad situations.… READ MORE

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