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Most entrepreneurs crash and burn, not because they’re burnt out, but because they aren’t connected to God.
They think spending more time reading the Bible, praying, and attending Church on Sunday is a waste of time.… READ MORE

When you ask “what makes a business fail”, you’d probably answer with “bad marketing”, “poor fulfillment”, or “weak sales skills”.
And you’d be right.
But at the root of all these problems is a far more fundamental mistake.… READ MORE

Why did you get into business?
If you’re like most of us, you saw a future of freedom, independence and wealth. That’s the dream.
But the harsh reality is, most entrepreneurs work their knuckles to the bone with little to show for it.… READ MORE

Whether you like it or not, the advertising landscape is changing faster than ever before.
ChatGPT, iOS14.5, and TikTok personalized ads were all introduced in the last 2 years… and there are more innovations to come.… READ MORE

You’re conditioned by your environment. This comes from our parents, the people we hang out with, and even our schools.
Sadly most people let these external “programs” run their life for them.… READ MORE

There’s nothing worse than an arrogant leader. They drive good team members away and make devastating mistakes.
But on the flipside, being too humble just allows your team to walk all over you… so nothing ever gets done.… READ MORE

What separates successful businesspeople from those who never make it?
In a word? Resilience.
When you build resilience, life becomes like a game of baseball with unlimited strikes. You can just keep swinging until you hit out-of-the-park success.… READ MORE

As entrepreneurs, we fall in love with our products and services.
Which seems good at first glance. But it also creates a habit that drives away sales and scares away customers.
Most of us are making this mistake unconsciously.… READ MORE

There’s few better feelings than when a prospect realizes you provide exactly the service they need.
But fast forward a couple of months after you onboard them as a client and things can change. Your client asks for a little more.… READ MORE

As our world becomes more and more digital, we’ve gained efficiency and convenience.
But despite being more connected than ever, we’ve lost an essential part of our lives: real, human connection.
Along with that, we’ve lost our sense of identity, our connection with God, and our sense of community.… READ MORE

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