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Leadership is like parenting. There’s one big problem with this — most leaders and parents aren’t doing it right. 
For example, the point of parenting isn’t to raise a child. It’s to raise an adult.READ MORE

Too many business owners focus on tactics to grow their business. When you put all your focus into certain tactics, it drowns you in confusion and uncertainty. 
The result? 
You work longer and harder hours without adding coins to your bank account.READ MORE

Leadership isn’t easy — especially when you have to lead different people with different life experiences. And most of the conventional wisdom about leadership is downright wrong at best and business-destroying at worst. READ MORE

Nobody has results when they’re starting out. The problem is, most people use their lack of results as an excuse to never start. 
But not having results can be a cheat code for getting results in a hurry.READ MORE

Everyone wants better results in business. And more often than not, you know what you need to get there. But you don’t get there.
That’s where having a coach helps — but not in the way you think. The best coaches push the right buttons in your head and help you achieve the craziest goals you set.… READ MORE

Not every business is the same. You can immediately sense the energy in some businesses by interacting with them. Whether it’s talking to customer support agents, sales people, or the CEO. Everyone is happier, more confident, and more successful.… READ MORE

One of the biggest reasons people succeed (and fail) is because of their mindset.
If your mindset is right, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. But if your mindset is “off,” you’ll fail at whatever you try.… READ MORE

You have two choices when you fail:

Let it cripple your motivation and give up.
Use it as fuel to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

All results-driven leaders have one thing in common — they choose option #2.… READ MORE

Today, we can have a blog, You Tube Channel, and Social Media profiles in the push of a button. That’s why the internet is plagued with so many Influencers and Thought Leaders.
Being a Thought Leader is easy, but getting Results is hard.… READ MORE

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