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We all “know” how to make a cold call, or lose 30 pounds.
But knowledge isn’t the same as getting results. You may be getting in your own way and not even know it. This self-sabotage stops you from reaching your goals.READ MORE

Reading books on how to flip properties could make you millions of dollars.
John Casmon read all the “how to” real estate books. He left his corporate job and became a real estate investor. But, he relied on his partner and lost tens of thousands of dollars.READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs are excited to “crush it” when they begin their own business.
But when you’re starting out, you feel like you have to master every aspect of business. These time-consuming side tasks pull you away from your purpose.READ MORE

“If you do the same thing as everyone else, you’ll get the same as everyone else.”
To get excellent results in life, you have to do something different. But many people don’t know what to change to get higher profits with less effort.READ MORE

People want to get… to make more money, to have real estate, to take vacations. It is human to get.
Giving is not natural. It is a learned skill that takes practice. The more you give, the more fulfilled you are.READ MORE

When small and medium-sized businesses ask consulting companies for help, they’re struggling. But, just because they’re struggling doesn’t mean they’re not profitable.
It’s a company’s desire, determination, dedication, and discipline that drives them to profitability.… READ MORE

Many business owners try to “do it all.” But staying busy doesn’t pay the bills. And burning time on low-impact activities limits .
The number one way to explode your business is to give your clients results.READ MORE

We all want our business to grow. But if your business feels stuck in neutral, your beliefs around success may be holding you back.
These “limiting beliefs” put barricades between you and your success.READ MORE

When you’re forced to learn something new or get better at something, it can feel daunting. But, if you never actually do the work, you only rob from your future self.
Apathy, procrastination, and sheer laziness are the roots of failure.READ MORE

Fear often takes over our decision making. But if you make your decisions based on fear, you stunt the growth you’re looking for in business and life.
So, you can’t take the risks you need to succeed when you’re driven by fear.READ MORE

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