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You know that a good investment makes you money. But most of us have a hard time understanding what makes for a good investment. We often lose money and our investment becomes a liability.
But what if you could identify an investment opportunity that makes you money each month?READ MORE

In a world of abundant products and services, many businesses get swallowed up by a sea of competitors. They fight for customers with price and marketing, killing their unique business in the process.READ MORE

Bootstrap entrepreneurs struggle keeping their businesses afloat because they’re always running out of cash. But, grinding through the process to embrace failures lets you build a million-dollar business without any investors.READ MORE

There are lots of ways to succeed at real estate investing, business and entrepreneurship. But it’s really hard to find the best way that works for you.
In this episode, successful real estate investor and accounting professional Robert Leonard reveals why his contrarian method of “start small, just get started” investing is the way to go.READ MORE

Most business owners only think of value in terms of revenue and return-on-investment. But there are other “hidden” ways to provide value to your clients that make it impossible to fire you. 
When you find these “hidden” value sources, it instantly eliminates your competitors and supplies you with unlimited demand for your product or service.READ MORE

As an entrepreneur, you have to be hard-working, smart and ambitious. But you will never succeed in business without systems. Systems help you double down on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.… READ MORE

Growing your business without understanding the hero’s journey puts it on “impossible mode.”
The hero’s journey dates back to at least 2,000 years before Jesus. Which means humans are hardwired to learn from stories following the hero’s journey.… READ MORE

Most coaches preach understanding your “why” before you launch a new career or business. But it’s impossible to know your “why” if you don’t know who you are. 
If you can quiet your mind for 10 minutes a day, you’ll start to discover who you really are.READ MORE

What you say matters. The words you use are the difference between closing a deal or fumbling it. 
In other words, the best way to grow your bank account is by leveling up your communication skills. 
The problem is imposter syndrome creeps in and makes you stop listening — so you sabotage a deal that could change your life. READ MORE

Stacking a bunch of dead Presidents eliminates many of your problems. But it’s impossible to be happy if you have to work 80-hour weeks to keep your business from collapsing. 
It’s easy to get addicted to hustling, but if you hustle long enough it makes you so miserable you can’t even get out of bed. READ MORE

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