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Every entrepreneur wants more cash in the bank. But how do you get there?
One way is to grind harder, and watch your stress level creep up every day until you snap.
The other way is to make better decisions, and watch your children play in the yard.… READ MORE

Everyone wants to be more productive, so they can make a bigger impact and add more zeros to their bank account. 
But everyone gets productivity wrong. It’s not about becoming more effective or efficient. READ MORE

If you’re struggling to read or understand the P&L sheet, you’re not alone. The main reason is you are too busy working to figure it out.
But when you study your P&L sheet, you’ll find holes in your business.… READ MORE

A lot of people realize at some point that they are failing miserably at either their jobs, their family life or both. You may have experienced this crushing reality for example when your son asks for $100 to buy an hour of your time.… READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs love the work they do. Whether it’s NASCAR or social work they love helping people.
But if you don’t think about your business as a business rather than just loving what you do, you could go bankrupt.… READ MORE

When most people go through difficult times, they slip into the abyss. And they have a difficult time rising up.
But taking your challenge head on helps you find serenity, tenderness, and acceptance for others while helping your mindset change for the positive.… READ MORE

Most sales people struggle finding leads. The main reason is when they turn on their marketing they repel their clients and your business fails.
But when you create your marketing from your clients’ viewpoint, you can see the issues they face.… READ MORE

Most people lack the courage to become an entrepreneur. The reason why is people are afraid their new business will fail because they will lose all the time and money they spent starting it up.
But preparation overcomes fear.… READ MORE

Many leaders think that commanding and controlling their people is the best way to lead. But what you may not realize is your teammates will resist your leadership.
When you build personal relationships and a championship culture, your teammates will follow your lead.READ MORE

You may not be able to just pick up and go where you want and when you want. The lack of freedom is usually the reason why you can’t.
But you may want to do that. And when you have freedom, financial freedom, you’ll be able to go as you please on your schedule.READ MORE

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