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So many of us kick off our entrepreneurial careers because we’re tired of following orders.
We want to be in control of our lives. To live life in the driver’s seat, instead of just spectating.
But the sad truth is, in an effort to gain control, we end up:
Micromanaging ourselves…
Forcing ourselves to do tasks we hate…
And eventually burning out.… READ MORE

It’s every leader’s nightmare:
You know exactly what needs to be done to grow the business. So you lay out the plan to your team.
They nod their heads, agree…
Then 3 months later they still haven’t done a thing.… READ MORE

Sales is a critical part of any business.
Without sales, you can’t get clients. And without clients, you can’t deliver results.
Yet sales is often one of the most difficult areas for coaches to succeed.… READ MORE

Nobody can run your business like you can.
You can’t outsource caring, and you can’t outsource skin in the game. Which makes you the best man for the job.
But if you “wear all the hats” in your business, your financial security will collapse as soon as life throws an obstacle your way.… READ MORE

If you’re serious about career growth, you might have heard advice that gives you a twisting feeling in your gut. For example:
“Use this script and you’ll never struggle with clients again.”
“Just follow the blueprint.”
Your gut is not misleading you.… READ MORE

We all have big, scary, audacious dreams.
But most of us will never accomplish them. And it’s got nothing to do with your skills.
Because success has little to do with your talent. Success is about putting yourself in the right rooms, being visible, and asking the right questions.… READ MORE

There is no such thing as an absolute when it comes to getting results in your business.
So when you hire a coach and they start laying out the 90-day blueprint before asking you a question – run the other way!… READ MORE

Would you believe that entrepreneurs are addicted to pain?
It sounds crazy, but many are. Think about it:
Pain is a powerful teacher. It leads to big breakthroughs in business and relationships.
So if you were driven by results, wouldn’t it make sense to seek pain?… READ MORE

You won’t get far in business if you don’t care about your clients.
But if you spend all day on client calls, how are you supposed to grow your business?
Today’s guest, executive coach & keynote speaker, Chuck Wachendorfer reveals how to keep your clients happy by spending less time with them—and more time on your team.… READ MORE

Selling coaching online is a double-edged sword.
On one hand, you can find tens of thousands of your ideal clients in seconds thanks to social media.
On the other hand, social media giants spend billions of dollars each year, devising ways to keep you addicted to their platforms.… READ MORE

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