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Business coaching is a great way to make money. It’s possible to start from scratch, and build a 7-figure income within a couple of years.
But as the saying goes, “easy come easy go”. Your coaching business could come crumbling down as quickly as it began.… READ MORE

In 2016, Wells Fargo team members were caught allegedly charging 771 customers for products they never ordered. The business was forced to cough up a $3 billion fine.
It sounds extreme, but your team could do the same to you.… READ MORE

From an early age, we’re taught what to believe.
As a result, your brain is full of decades-old subconscious programming that still informs your actions today.
Could that programming be harming your business?… READ MORE

When people think of leaders, they think of army generals who “command and control” the troops.
But in 21st-century business, this model of leadership can send your business to extinction. Because while your team is still waiting on orders, your competitors are  aking away market share.… READ MORE

What if your team members started leaving in droves? It’s scary to even think about.
But it’s a reality for many business owners. When staff churn creeps up on you, it can cripple your business. And the worst part?… READ MORE

There’s a fatal mistake most CEOs make in business.
If you make this mistake, your business value erodes into worthlessness—no matter how much money you pour into marketing.
But if you fix the error, your business gets stronger year after year.… READ MORE

Any coach who says “just follow the blueprint” is a fraud. Your clients are too diverse, so there’s no such thing as one size fits all.
That’s why so many coaches prefer to ask questions vs giving formulaic advice.… READ MORE

Everyone wants more clients. But most entrepreneurs get it devastatingly wrong.
They turn their business into cookie cutter templates—taking all the “service” out of their service business.… READ MORE

Nothing fuels you more than getting great results for your customers or clients.
Naturally, when we want better results, we take on more tasks. But that causes one big problem:
All of a sudden you spend more time putting out fires than getting results.… READ MORE

Which would you rather:
Make six figures a year working 80 hour weeks with barely enough free time to enjoy your life and salary?
Or make the same money (and perhaps more), following your passion?
It’s a no-brainer.… READ MORE

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