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Sales is a critical part of any business.

Without sales, you can’t get clients. And without clients, you can’t deliver results.

Yet sales is often one of the most difficult areas for coaches to succeed. Sales is notoriously sleazy and goes against our instincts to help people.

But that’s not true of all sales. Armed with the right knowledge, you can attract and close clients without being pushy.

The secret? Learning to sell with intentionality.

Today’s guest, author of the international bestseller “Quick Hit Sales TIPS”, Scott E Kaplan is here to help you become more intentional… in life, and in sales.

In this episode, you’ll discover the secrets of selling with intentionality, so you don’t have to feel like a sleazebag next time you get on a sales call.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • 2 books to help you sell more (without leaning on sleazy sales tactics from the 1970’s) (1:11)
  • The F.A.C.T. process for effortlessly persuading others with your questions (4:51)
  • How to become an international bestseller (without spending a dime on marketing) (18:59)
  • What to say instead of “have a good day” to leave a lasting positive impression on your prospects and magnetize them to you (20:20)
  • How to get personalized feedback on your sales skills by reading this book (22:21)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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