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Most coaches preach understanding your “why” before you launch a new career or business. But it’s impossible to know your “why” if you don’t know who you are. 
If you can quiet your mind for 10 minutes a day, you’ll start to discover who you really are.READ MORE

What you say matters. The words you use are the difference between closing a deal or fumbling it. 
In other words, the best way to grow your bank account is by leveling up your communication skills. 
The problem is imposter syndrome creeps in and makes you stop listening — so you sabotage a deal that could change your life. READ MORE

Stacking a bunch of dead Presidents eliminates many of your problems. But it’s impossible to be happy if you have to work 80-hour weeks to keep your business from collapsing. 
It’s easy to get addicted to hustling, but if you hustle long enough it makes you so miserable you can’t even get out of bed. READ MORE

Most startups that die sudden deaths don’t starve, they drown. That means they’re running around like a chicken without its head, trying to do 4,000 things instead of focusing on the one thing that grows their business.… READ MORE

Is becoming a trillionaire even possible?
While it sounds cliché, whether you think you can or can’t — you’re right. The truth is, all of your success (or lack thereof) depends on the 6 inches in between your ears.… READ MORE

Nobody thinks of their business like a sports team. But the New England Patriots didn’t dominate the NFL because players showed up to the stadium every week. They dominated because Bill Belichick and his staff committed to getting better every day at practice.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs get stuck thinking that they have to do everything to become successful. But this belief stunts your growth more than procrastination, incompetence, and shiny object syndrome combined.… READ MORE

Ever feel like you’re financially doomed and will never be wealthy?
In 2012, today’s guest was $25k in credit card debt and had only $8 in his bank account. But by pushing through his failures, Tim Bratz was able to transform that into a multi-million dollar portfolio.… READ MORE

Too often we fall into a career or business, but never ask ourselves if it makes us happy. Making millions of dollars doesn’t matter if you hate what you do for 8 hours a day.
Any problems that can be solved with money aren’t real problems.… READ MORE

Every entrepreneur isn’t a CEO (even if they think they are). The truth is, they both require two completely different skill sets.
For example, you can hustle your way to 6 figures. But you’ll never be able to consistently clear 7 figures working 24/7 on your own.… READ MORE

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