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When you ask “what makes a business fail”, you’d probably answer with “bad marketing”, “poor fulfillment”, or “weak sales skills”.

And you’d be right.

But at the root of all these problems is a far more fundamental mistake.

And… if you’ve ever had a day where you feel like rolling over in bed instead of rolling up to work, you could be making that same mistake.

So what is it?

All will be revealed in today’s episode.

Our guest, Jason Skeesick, shares the mistake that almost drove his gym business into the ground, and the foundational principle that helped him turn it into a roaring success. Apply it, and you could see similar results in your own business!

Listen now.

Show Highlights Include:

  • A no-brainer decision that helps you “overdeliver” (and could increase your revenue by as much as 9x) (1:58)
  • The “fun problems” trap that crushes all hope of clearing a million dollars in your business (4:18)
  • The weird reason why delegating to less-qualified team members could skyrocket your growth (5:43)
  • The “Mr Miyagi” principle for turning your knowledge into wisdom (6:46)
  • How to unlock boundless energy (and steer your business towards more sales) (10:22)
  • How to bulletproof yourself against all business obstacles by developing your 3 phases of identity (11:54)
  • Why floating in a tank of water 90 minutes a month unlocks more business growth than courses, masterminds, and advertising budgets combined (16:02)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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