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Sometimes the obvious move leads your business down a path of destruction:

  • The “most qualified” candidate is usually a mindless robot in person.
  • Being too generous with your team robs them of the ability to grow.

And sometimes the opposite is true. Like how “blowing” money on a bad investment can come back to reward you tenfold.

In today’s episode, leadership coach Ron Oltmanns sheds some light on achieving “non-obvious” business success. You’ll discover the counterintuitive moves that lead to outstanding results in your business. And how obvious advice might lead you to bankruptcy.

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Show highlights include:

  • Why putting your failures on display attracts winners into your network (so you never fail again) (3:37)
  • A Mandarin Chinese concept which helps uncover your blind spots (and reach higher levels of success) (8:35)
  • A common hiring mistake that fills your team with “overqualified robots” who need to be micromanaged (11:00)
  • Why investing in team training always has a positive payoff (even if you think they’ll just leave in 6 months) (11:25)
  • Why being selfish is imperative if you want to be generous towards your clients and team (13:06)
  • The “stay in your lane” secret for taking on a ton of clients (without working 80 hour weeks or burning out) (17:59)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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