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Man! Is it me or are people just making some off-the-wall decisions when it comes to what nutrition advice to follow. I honestly wonder what the heck most people are thinking, then I realize, most people aren’t.READ MORE

I can’t believe it but this is the last episode of this year!
So crazy right?!
If you want 2018 to be different from your “same old” routine…you gotta find a way to shake up your life!
I always love New Year’s and having a fresh start!… READ MORE

Richard Viguerie, American conservative figure and pioneer of political direct mail shares his insights and expert experience into the world of direct marketing. He’s 84 years old, still works 10 hours a day, hates sleep and is always excited to wake up in the morning.READ MORE

Hi everyone! Welcome to this final episode of the Pretend You’re Fired Today podcast series. It has been such a joy sharing and engaging with you each week. I sincerely hope you’ve found the information we’ve discussed over these last 52 episodes to be valuable – it certainly will be if it helps you save your current job, advance higher in your career or even find a better job.READ MORE

This week’s podcast is about the silly idea that there’s any real security in your life — financial, business, and, yes, personal. And, what to do about it this Christmas.… READ MORE

Like I mentioned last week…
One of my knights decided to use his copywriting and marketing skills to wade through
millions of REALLY bitter and hateful women online to try and find “the one.”
And after using Facebook ads to bring some attention to his little experiment, it went
viral.… READ MORE

A domino stands a few inches tall and weighs as much as a double A battery.
But it packs an almighty punch.
A single domino has the capacity of knocking over another domino that’s 1.5 times its size. By the 57th domino, you’d have enough force to knock over a domino that stretched the distance between the earth and the moon!… READ MORE

Many coaches struggle to make money.
In fact, 95% of coaches today aren’t making the money they deserve even though they’ve got the expertise and ability to help people achieve phenomenal results.READ MORE

Chris and Taylor share some of their favorite ‘binge worthy’ podcasts you should check out over the coming Christmas holiday.
Show Highlights:
– You’d be down right stupid if you didn’t listen to THIS podcast (3:10)
– The no B.S show to help you dominate business and life (3:30)
– Being punched in the mouth is the best way to build a business (5:45)
– How Taylor met legendary veteran copywriter John Carlton (8:45)
– Acquiring top shelf talent (13:00)
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Being multi-passionate can work against you if you’re not prioritizing your time and managing your energy.
It’s critically important to set boundaries so your choices can have a bigger impact in the places that matter most to you.… READ MORE

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