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While all the gurus on Instagram like to pound their chest about “being busy”…

They never post the true reason why somebody’s a millionaire — or billionaire:


Simple? Yes.

Easy? Hell no.

The reason why these gurus don’t talk about it is because it’s not sexy. It’s not cool. And you’ll never see these gurus post about it on their social media.

But it’s the bedrock behind my success, and every other single successful entrepreneur I know.

With that said, in today’s episode, I reveal how to exercise your “urgency muscle.” I also share how to break down the math of earning $100,000 per month.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why ignoring your mom and dad unlocks herculean levels of discipline (9:42)
  • How to shorten the time required to renovate your house from 10 months to 80 days (without sacrificing build quality) (10:15)
  • The false “5 year to become a millionaire” myth that robs you of your rightly deserved fortunes (12:18)
  • Yes, you can make a million dollars in under 365 days… Here’s how (12:29)
  • How to break into the two comma club by exercising your “urgency muscle” (24:08)

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Welcome to the Making of a dm. Do you want more out of your life and your business? Well, today's the show that's going to unlock a whole nother level for you to take massive action to get massive results. If that's what you want, then listen up. So what that said, let's get started.

(00:22): I'm more Kevin's, I'm helping freedom. Ain't no question tell what the stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey, there's your boy Mark Evans dm, I missed you. I'm sitting over here on Parkland, Florida and I've been working my tell off on a lot of cool projects and I'll share some of that with you here in a second. But before I do, I've been contemplating quitting the podcast show. Lemme explain. I've set out here, I've been doing this for over three years now. We have 140 ish shows. I share everything. I have nothing to hide. I'm trying to be as open book as possible about anything and everything. I ask for your feedback. Some people do, some people don't. But you always get the couple that always do and I always appreciate that. We have thousands, 10 hundreds of thousands of people that digest this podcast show and it always has me like again, it just frame it. I'm sitting here, I have lots of companies I can invest this hour. By the way, it's not just an hour, right? Because I got to think about the topic that could make the most impact on the day or the week or that moment. I got to sit down, I got to come up with just some bullet points and all that, and then I got to record it and then I got to upload it and I'm going to shoot all this shit, right?

(02:04): I'm not complaining by the way, I'm just sharing where I'm at in my life and as I'm sitting here, I could say, dude, I could hang out with my kids for that hour plus I could do nothing. I could read a book, could watch a TV show, which I'm not going to do, but I could do that. I could hang out with a buddy. I could call a friend, talk about life business. I could talk to my merger and acquisitions lawyer, buy another company or sell one of my companies. There's a lot I could do with these hours and all I'm asking for you to do is acknowledge, hey, this show helps me and I'm going to be paying attention over the next month to see how many people actually are paying attention to the show because I do and I don't want to discount it.

(02:52): I do get a couple couple a a day, I guess I should say. I get a decent amount over the month timeframe, but I need more. What I'm saying is I need some love over here saying, mark, I love the show or I wish that you could talk about this or that. I'm not here just to talk. I know I'm here talking, but I'm not here just to talk. I want to share stuff that could help you. So if you have something you're going through a struggle or pain point or you want to share a big win, message me. Shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans DM and get over. If you haven't done so over to iTunes or whatever platform, you listen to the show and let me know what's up. Let the world know I need to see eyeballs, I need to see interaction right now.

(03:40): You've been a taker. If you haven't messaged me what you need help with, if you haven't went over and gave a five star review and shared your experience with the show, you simply have been a taker in this relationship. And listen, if that's what you want to be that person, it's a shitty person to be and it's never going to get you ahead in life. I get it. We're all busy. I'm busy. You are busy. I'm busier than you. Let's be honest. I'm busier than you. I know it looks like I hang out and smoke cigars all day, but trust me, I got a lot of fucking things going on. I got thousands of people that rely on me. I got many businesses I'm buying many events. We're doing. Not only that, this year in 2023, I'm taking one week a month and going to a destination with my wife and family, my kids.

(04:28): So for example, me and my wife already went to an island in January and February. We're heading out to another island. I don't want to review all these places because it's not needed, but we're going to hang out there with the kids in March, another island in April. I'll share this one. I'm taking my entire family, 10 of us my father-in-law, it's his dream to go out there. My in-law, my their kids and all that, their family on my dime. I'm taking them to Maui for 10 days. So that's just some of the trips, not counting the Alaska cruise we're doing in August and everything else in between. So I'm busy, I got a lot going on and before, after I get off the show, I had the tennis practice with my son. So there's a lot of things going on and we all have a lot going on, so I'm not discounting what you do, but it's always interesting to me.

(05:21): Some of you fuckers, you don't have much money in the bank if any. You don't really have anything going on. You don't have any relationship capital, but yet you say you're busy. My question to you would be simple. What the fuck do you do all day? Seriously? What do you do all day if you have no money or very little money? And when I say very little, I'm talking at least you got to have at least 500 grand in the bank. If you don't have at least 500 grand in the bank in a business that's that would be like bare bones. I'd be like uhoh in kind of trouble. So what are you doing all day? Are you playing business or are you in business? These are the things I think about and most importantly do in my life. We build companies, we buy companies.

(06:05): We acquired a really badass company. Maybe if you guys let me know if something you wanted me to talk about how to build a eight figure a year business off of someone else's business. That's a pretty cool model and we do that how to. Recently I bought another company. How I was able to buy a company that did millions of dollars in revenue, how I was able to buy it for $400,000. That will be one of my best businesses I've ever bought to date, by the way. And I could share that maybe, but again, I need some feedback. I'm not feeling loved over here is what I'm saying. And maybe it's just one of those days. Actually those days are all the time. But I want to know if the podcast show that I'm giving you, I'm providing you, I'm giving it to you for free.

(06:53): You don't pay a dime for this. Is it helping you? What do you need help with? We all need help. Here's what I need help with. I need business operators. I need operators that want to get inside of companies that I own and to grow. So if you are high level e-commerce C O C E O style person, I need you. If you are capable of running other operations and companies I have in the sell side, I need you. I want you, if you are a person that is able to take a team that is doing high seven figures and can get 'em to mid eight figures and you're good at that, right? This is a different level of person. I need you. We have lots of opportunities and many different companies and organizations I have. If you're an amazing email marketer, I need you.

(07:44): If you're great at content curation and brand awareness and brand growth and all that, I need you. If you're great at educating people and you're great at education, structure and flow, I need you. That's right. I need you. I need help every day. I need help. Lots of help on the many things, and that's what I want to talk about today is about what I shared at the beginning of the show. Urgency. So today's show is going to be a little bit aggressive because it's about urgency and I'm going to try not to cuss that much, but I'm guessing some cuss words are going to slip out here, but we must step up our urgency factor. Too many of you are out here fucking lolly gagging around with your thumb up your ass. I don't know why people do this, by the way, drives me nuts.

(08:33): And I'm not saying this is always good or bad, it's just is what it is. I have massive anxiety with people that take their good old time to do anything. When I get up, I want to run to the fucking bathroom. When I get up, I want to run to the kitchen. When I get up, I want to run to the car to get out of the car to get going. When I get up and I get on a call, I'm want to get the call done. I want to shoot and go, go, go, go, go. Right? Most of you're fucking planning to plan in between nothing and nothing. You're too goddamn busy sitting here fucking around like, dude, you don't understand, man. I got to figure out what I'm going to say. Well, if you got to figure out what you're going to say, you're not fucking ready to say anything.

(09:07): That's why you're not saying anything because you're too busy fucking trying to figure out what to say. Just show up and be genuine. Be authentic, talk, real talk. You don't have to be the king Dingling, you don't have to know everything. It's stop acting like you do. This is urgency. Listen, you're not living forever, ever, are you? I'm not. Are you? Unless you know something, I don't know. Are you living forever? Well, look at your bank account, look at your life, look at your actions, look at your results. Everything I and you, I already get it. People like, dude, you don't understand, man, I don't need to fucking understand your lies. I don't need to understand your bullshit. I don't need to understand what your mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa and your brother, cousins, sisters, your wife's husband, whatever, tell you, good job, Johnny.

(09:49): Keep going, man. Good. You're doing a really good job. No, you're not. You're fucking slacking. You know it and I know it. I hate people that take their time. Let me give you an example. I'll give you a bunch of examples, but I'm going to give you a couple real high level examples right now. So I, I've shared this before, but my house in Ohio, we bought, we did a mult. We did over a million dollar renovation on a house. I went to the guys, sit down with the team, said, Hey, here's the deal I need to thing done in 80 days or less. They'll, every single one of them, every single one of them said, absolutely. Fucking not. That's impossible. It can't be done. I was like, well, you're not the right contractor then. If you can't get it done, I don't need you because this is the timeline period.

(10:30): If you can't get it done, I don't need you. See, listen, the thing is with this thing in life, it's called being unrealistic with expectations. I'm unrealistic with my timelines. Why? Because I know most people are fucking over realistic. They want to sit there. It's going to take at least 10 months. That's what they all told me. It's going to at least take 10 months to get this project to move in condition. And I said, if you can't get it done in 80 days or less, I don't need you. And I'm talking from painters to tile guys to carpet to engineers to everybody, and I sat down. I was very crystal clear. Well guess what happened? We got the bitch done in 78 days. You heard me, right? A 10 month project that everyone said there's no way it could get done in 80 days or less.

(11:13): Got done in 78 days. And I'm talking, we ordered everything brand new from front doors to kitchens to tops to everything, everything. It was a total gut and we got it done in 78 days. See if I believe they're bullshit, they say 10 months, then it becomes 14 months. Because when you give people big at timelines, they fuck around and they keep, they overextend. They go out and get other jobs because they ain't making enough money. See, the Kia is with this plan though, you got to pay fast. I always pay fast. You got to pay well, I like to pay well, I like to pay well and pay fast. And when you do that, you can set unrealistic timelines and most importantly, you can get shit done. See, the thing is people are too unurgent. They're sitting around thinking about it, talking about it.

(12:06): Most importantly, believing that their bullshit is real. I get it. Some things are do have real timelines, but you need to start figuring out how to collapse 'em. You need to start figuring out how to condense them. You're trying to figure out how to be a millionaire. Why does it take you five years when I know you can do it in 12 months or less? Why? Who told you it takes five years? Who in their right fucking mind said it takes five years? Who? See, the thing is your efforts aren't misaligned with what you're capable of because it's easy, it's comfortable, but mark, you don't understand. It's balanced bullshit. Anybody that asked me the balanced questions looking for the wrong results, they say one thing, but the results that they're really seeking is they just want simple. Let me be very crystal clear. Everything in my life is not convenient.

(12:57): It's not fucking convenient. Going to play tennis at four 30 with my son watching him, I don't even to play. I'm watching him, right? It's not convenient. Waking up at four 30 in the morning or 4 44 at the latest. It's not convenient. Taking my wife out on lunch dates once a week when I got, I've got 80 things coming at me. It's not convenient. Going to the gym for two an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It's not convenient to sit there and have all these conference calls and meetings and structures while my kids are outside playing in the beautiful weather. My wife is out there sunbathing. It's not convenient. By the way, who the fuck said it was convenient? It depends on what season you're at. See, I'm over here. Broke is a joke. Trying to figure out how to get to the next level.

(13:40): And when I say broke, this is all relative. I'm out here trying to figure out how to get to nine figures and beyond. I'm building companies. I have thousands of people that need me and rely on me. How many is relying on you? Most people can't even rely on themselves. See, when you understand what I'm sharing with you is real and no fluffy, puffy shit. Cause I have nothing to sell you. I don't need to sell you anything. I'm here to help you. You need to start working aggressively with urgency. Stop thinking about, oh, man. See, the thing is you're looking for balance, right? I'm not looking for balance. I'm looking for results, right? I have priorities. My family's priority. Number one. It's interesting. I was talking with a guy shot a text yesterday, but Sunday, yo guys, are we billionaires yet? It's one guy actually just lent 1.2 million too, and he sent a pretty dumb email, a text message back.

(14:39): Hey man, I'm with family on the weekends. I don't work on the weekends. And I said, really? Now this throws off alarms for me. Why? Because he is got my fucking 1.2 million. If you didn't have my money, I don't care when you work or don't work, I'm texting you on a Sunday just asking a question. And by the way, motherfucker, if you don't work Sundays, why are you texting me back on a Sunday? See, the thing is people say one thing and do the other. So I'm giving him a benefit of the doubt because he did reply. But also now I'm questioning, is this a guy that should have my money? This is the stuff I think about. How hard is it to send a text? Just asking a question. I'm not asking, asking for reports. I'm not asking for conference calls. I'm not asking. He's like, well, the weekends were from my family. And I said, interesting. Every day's from my family, true story. I said this. He's like, well, you get what I mean. I was like, no, I don't get what you mean. You're telling me weekends only are for your family. Why not every day? See, the difference is I have priorities. I know the guy has priorities too, and I'm over exaggerating a little bit on some of the shit. But listen, this is stuff I'm thinking about as I give you my money, you better have a fucking close grip on what's going on with the day-to-day.

(15:56): See, the thing is, I'm urgent with conversation. If I text you, I want to text back. If I email you, I want to email back within 24 hours or less, right? If I call you, you better pick up that fucking phone and vice versa. This goes both ways. By the way. Each channel has a different urgency factor. You need to be aware of what channel you're communicating in. This is why I hate Skype. I don't do it. That's why I hate all these other fucking apps where people are messaging back and forth about nothing. True story. As I'm talking to you, my team is getting an office in Boca Raton, big office, lots of people in it, whatever. The agents are the shittiest people in the world. They're slow. They take their good old time, and I'm pretty straightforward with them, actually, not pretty. I'm 100% straightforward.

(16:47): It's like you're a fucking turtle. I'm looking for a rabbit. You either get me in this property today to look at or I'm out. I'll find someone else that will see. They want to fucking hang out, drink cocktails, hand out their pictures, show social media posts, do whatever the hell they do except fucking do all the work. When I talk to 'em, they're like, yeah, it takes about 60 days to identify a property. I was like, takes you fucking 60 days to identify a property. I've already identified six and I'm going to go see 'em with or without you. Do you want money or do you not? See, the thing is what's interesting, we will be in that property in the next seven days. It took me 15 days to do something that told me 60 days to identify, not counting, getting in the asset and all these other things. So you're looking at three months and we're, we've identified, we've signed a lease and we're moving in 15 days or less.

(17:46): Urgency be clear with your message. You don't have to a dick, even though I am a dick with this because too many people get fucking told. Good job, Billy. Yeah. Oh, 60 days. Okay, underpromise, overdeliver. Why not overpromise and overdeliver? Why not show 'em? Yo man, I'm your guy. I'm your gal. I'll get this job done. See, the biggest thing is listen to your prospect. See, the thing is they only hear what they want to hear, right? It's not always about money. It's about speed. Speed. If it's fast, I'm willing to pay more. If it's slow, I'm going to shop you. I don't need you. If it's slow, I can be slow myself. I can bring someone on my team to be slow. You can ask anybody that works with me, my m and a attorneys, any of my attorneys, I have a bunch of them, bunch of different people buying companies, selling companies, real estate deals, contracts, mortgages, all this shit.

(18:43): When do they get the paperwork? When Mark sends an email or someone on my team, it's got to get done quick, right this quick. This is how deals die. Time kills deals. Time kills opportunity. If you don't understand that you're not doing business or you haven't came to reality of what the truth is, everyone writes these cool books. Everyone shares cool stories and memes online to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but I'm here to tell you at the making of the dm, it's one thing for sure you're going to get the fucking truth, the real truth. It's not what you want to hear. It's what you need to hear. You need to step it up. You need to move with speed. You need to execute relentlessly. There will be losses, there will be failures, there will be things that break. But listen, I'd rather break it in 15 days or less than to dick around and maybe not break it in three months because I'm looking at the opportunity cost, the time cost.

(19:45): I'm not living forever. We all say, well, time is your biggest commodity. Cool. Why do you waste so much fucking time on stuff that doesn't matter? Then why am I trying to price shop something that's going to save me two grand a year when I could do it today instead of wait three months to knock it out today? You see, you're more worried about money. That's it. Money holds more weight than time to you. Money will come and go time. When it's gone, it's gone. Where do you put the most weight at? And I'm not, don't get me wrong. I'm in a season of 26 and a half years in the game. I have a little bit of cash. I need a lot more for where I'm going and what I'm doing with my dreams and goals and my life, and it's not about me buying bigger houses and bigger cars.

(20:32): I already got all that shit. I'm talking about moving to the next level of giving charitable organizations donations, changing other people's lives that can't change their lives necessarily, and I'm talking mostly children. They're born into this situation, but that's beside the point. But I want you to be unrealistic. I want most as listening to my voice, and I hope it's not you where you're lazy and you're complacent. You think everything takes time. Look, you could call 10 people and they'll tell you the same thing, and most importantly, you'll fucking believe 'em. I don't believe him. I know what I'm capable of. I'm okay to do the work. If you're not willing to do it, I'll do it. That's our philosophy. Get the fuck out of the way and let's get the job done. It's not pretty. It's not easy. It's definitely not sexy, and very few people, if any, are posting on social media about it, and I want you to understand this when you're looking at doing stuff, I remember when I was 19, 18, 19 years old, just getting started in the game of life, 96 and 97 of business.

(21:40): I believed these people like you have to do this. You have to do that. This is the process to buy a house. You identify a house, you go look at the house when it's convenient for both parties. That usually is like a 48 hour gap, even if you can get it done that quick. And then once you get a contract, then you got to do a seven or 30 day inspection, right? Takes about 30 days, they say, and then it's got to get to closing another 30 days. So you're looking at two and a half months from the time someone would call my company until the time we close would take about four days from start to finish. If you learned about me, took a call, had a conversation, contract your inbox within the first five, 10 minutes, you sign it, send it back. We send it to title, title clears it.

(22:25): We send an inspector out, inspector looks at it, signs off on it. All of this happened and you'll have your money in your bank account within four days. That would be a typical transaction for us. Why? Everyone else said 30 to 45 days minimum, minimum 30 days. We were doing it on average in four, just to give you compare, four days or 30 days. Do you want to do a deal in four days or 30 days? And I'm talking it as a machine. Now, don't get me wrong, if it's a retail seller and there's someone in the house that's going to mess up the timelines for that particular situation, why? Because they got to identify a property. They're not used to going that fast, and then they got to move. We would help 'em move because they drag their feet. We'd pay them more money to get out quicker.

(23:10): Why? Because if they're getting the same amount, they take their good old time and they dick around. This is what humans do. They screw around. This is the process. You don't understand , they say all the same shit everyone else does, but I can tell you this, when you start to learn to move with urgency, when you're sitting down and you got an idea, don't write it. Fucking down, execute it. Get on the phone, send an email, make it happen. Stop thinking. Stop writing on something. Stop. Yeah, I think I'm going to do this. Go do it. Too many of you are too busy not executing. I want to seriously think about, I don't care what industry in, how can you collapse the timeframe to results. We've already talked about real estate brokers, real estate agents, contractors, I hate 'em all. , most of 'em 98, 9 0.99% of 'em, very few of 'em have the hustle muscle.

(24:07): Very of few of 'em have the urgency muscle to get the job done. I want you to be clear though. This is a skill. This is a gift that you need to work on every one of us. When you have the thought execute, don't take the thought, write it down, stew on it. Think about it. Execute. I wish I was told this 10 years ago. I used to take my good old time on things. Not everything but certain things. I used to believe people when they told me it took 60 days to do something when I knew I could go to the fucking store and get it today and hire another person. I started getting resourceful back in 96. I started understanding like, Hey, okay, maybe what they're saying is kind of true, but that's their truth, not my truth. See, a lot of times people do this because it's easy, it's convenient, it fits in their box.

(25:02): Well, that's not how my lawyer works. Okay? Find a new fucking lawyer. . True story. I've had to get new lawyers. I had to get new title companies. I had to get new bankers. I had to get new, all new people everywhere in my life because if they buy in and believe their own bullshit, I'm not there to convince them that this is how it works. I know how it works because I'll do the work. I'll get the job done, and I know you will too. That's why you're listening to the show. Again, this is the stuff people don't talk about. It's not cool. It's not sexy and it for theri, the majority of the world, it's sounding like a dick to 'em because they don't get it. That's why they're at where they're at in their life. It is what it is and it's the truth.

(25:45): But I can tell you this, if you get serious with your life and you want big massive results, the time is now get very urgent. This is why I have massive anxiety attacks. It feel I've never had a real massive anxiety attack almost borderline, almost at the hospital. But when you're moving so fast, and again, as you're evolving, you're going to get more efficient, more effective, more ac, you can just execute so much faster. But most importantly, it starts here in the vision of where you're at and where you want to go, where you're at now, you know where you want to go. How quickly do you want to get there? And then start condensing the timelines. Start figuring out where the hacks are and the timelines, and before you know it, you're going to be at a whole nother level. Your profits, your bank account's going to look way better.

(26:37): Your results will look way better. Your body will look better if that's the path you're trying to go down. On the health side, there's a lot of benefits to urgency. I'm 44, I'll be 45 this year in June. I'm not getting any younger. We're only going to get older. But there is going to be a time when your number's up and my number's up and when it's up and you meet your future self, your yourself, are you 100% confident when you meet this individual i e you that you gave it your all and showed up a hundred percent. We're not all a hundred percent every day, but we got to be conscious of this action, this effort, because the results are out there. If you want something big, you have to create something big. Reminds me of this thing. I have a lot of e-com stuff that we do, and there's a lot of people that want to partner and do these things and they're like, dude, I want to make 10 grand a month in.

(27:35): I'm like, cool. You probably need to invest about a hundred grand in products and have a revolving a hundred grand doing that. So if you make 10% on that money and your product's good, sold 10,000, a hundred thousand dollars, 10% of that's $10,000. Yeah, man, I want to start off with two grand though. Well, okay, how the fuck do we start off with two grand to get to two grand? Ain't going to do anything, right? That's another thing too. We got to get urgent with the number. Everyone wants to be millionaires and billionaires, but the very few people wanted pony up the money to get to that result. It's called math, by the way. This is not harmed. Too many of you. Get in your emotions and feelings and drama. This fucking numbers. This is data, not drama, right? If I want to make a hundred grand a month, I got to have a million dollar float a month going on in my account.

(28:27): Yeah, but don't. That's a lot of money. You don't understand. Oh, is it a lot of money or not? I don't know. But you said you want to make a hundred grand. This is what it takes. You either figure it out or shut the fuck up and go make 10 grand or five grand or a grand. I don't care. But it's math. See, when you really start understanding what people are, lots of people say they want stuff. Very few people are willing to go do the work or pony up the money to get that result. I just trust that you'll take this information and get super urgent with things in life. I trust that you'll take this information and get urgent, getting over to your iTunes or whatever platform you're listening to the show on and leave a five star review, share the show copy, screenshot it, copy me on, tag me inside of social media at Mark Evans dm because I'm getting urgent at a whole nother level over here.

(29:22): I'm cutting things that are not growing. I'm cutting things that are not fulfilling, and I'm growing things that are fulfilling and getting massively urgent on things that are growing at a whole nother level. You don't have to believe me, you don't have to listen to any word I say. Just pay attention. Just watch. Just watch results, speak for themselves. My actions will supersede anything I say I'm too busy doing. I really don't have enough time to talk about it. I want to go do it. I want to execute. Most importantly, I want the results from the execution. This is where I'm at today. I'm at Parkland, Florida, getting ready to roll out now. I appreciate you being here. Get over to the iTunes. Like I said, shoot me a message at Mark Evans DM on Instagram or Facebook. Let's kick ass and take names. So with that said, make

(30:12): Counts. Freedom. Kevins, when he step in the Dow, he's closing deals. Come just tell him what the DM stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the DM project from a small town in Ohio, so I know how it is. Cannot not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted to make a honey bra. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 shoulda held me back. I hope my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a ball. Something about here running two way figure businesses. I walk away from it. I be good, but I been called to help people just like y'all. Learn the game.

(31:03): It's time to pull everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose show. I've been working my whole life. That's where we at. Is it going to get us where we want to go? So it's time to push. Time to learn, to grow. Kevin, I'm helping what I know and how I discover freedom. There ain't no question. More Kevin's when step into do he's closing deals. Come sell him. What the DM stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the DM project.

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