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Are you struggling to attract your DREAM clients on social media? Maybe you even have a good amount of followers, but you just aren’t getting the engagement you’d like. I know SO many designs who struggle with this exact same problem, and it can be super disheartening.… READ MORE

The Internet has been mainstream for over 20 years now, right?
It was supposed to change the world.
So how come we’re not allrich and happy?
I’ve got the answer.
And it comes down to only one thing.
And I’m revealing that one thing here…
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It’s that time of year again! If you’re busy shipping out orders and dealing with the holiday rush, today’s podcast will be a most welcome and productive distraction! Today, we’re talking all about how to set yourself up for success in the year ahead!… READ MORE

“Are you calling a past client and just checking in on them, seeing how they’re doing? That is different than trying to hound a for sale by owner with some script that’s meant to demean them.” – Darin Persinger

Main Topic:
Interview with Josh Schoenly
Website: ClientAlchemist.com
* Why the gurus are lying to you
* How to get clients calling you without cold calling, door knocking, or pop ins
* The key difference between self employed and a business owner
* What you can do to gain more time and freedom
Success Quote:
Getting an audience is hard.… READ MORE

Are you completely overwhelmed by the world of trade shows? You’re not alone. With hundreds of trade shows to choose from and plan for, the whole process can be daunting.
Whether you like it or not, trade shows are a necessity, even in 2015, for any wholesale jewelry business.… READ MORE


What does Lamar Odom’s overdose in a whorehouse have to do with your business?
Everything, dear rookie. EVERYTHING.
In fact, if you DON’T understand what Lamar Odom’s overdose… or any other major new story… has to do with your business…
…you’re missing out on a LOT of money… and you better go here NOW…
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Are you the type of designer who can make gorgeous jewelry appear out of thin air, but is totally lost when it comes writing copy?
Whether it’s for your about page, your product descriptions, or your social media posts, we know you have been dying to hear from copywriters on the Thrive By Design podcast.… READ MORE

“Real estate investing is like the one thing, I think, is okay to have as a second job.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:

62 percent of couples approaching retirement didn’t agree on their expected retirement ages.… READ MORE

Don’t you just LOVE getting handwritten thank-you notes and cards? Especially this time of year, it’s such a delight to open an envelope and find a little personal touch inside. In today’s episode, Robin & I got to talking about how it’s personal touches like these that can make or break a relationship with a customer.… READ MORE

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