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A few years ago, Ryan Hauser reached a low point in his life.
He put a gun to his head.
A second before pulling the trigger he asked:
“Is there anything else left for me in this world?”
Fast forward to today.… READ MORE

Here’s a fact.

The only way for you to always be the candidate that gets interview calls is this: Stop writing boring resumes!

The way to do that?

Simple. Use achievement based bullets!

It’s a skill that hardly anyone possesses but it’s simple to master.READ MORE

I just slapped a new podcast up online.
It’s about principles vs tactics.
Inspired by the late Jim Camp (the world’s “most feared negotiator”).
Get ya some here:
Ben Settle

My heart can be had for free… but my mind is only available for rent.
That’s why I only answer marketing questions from the knights in my Marketing Camelot. ’Cuz they pay me.
But every now and then it’s fun to answer other kinds of questions on my podcast.… READ MORE

As a copywriter, it’s easy to write what you think is a great piece of copy that feels right to you, but comes across to the reader in a totally different way.
In today’s show, Kevin is joined by freelance direct response writer Max Hamm to share his 10 sales killing phrases (and what to say instead).… READ MORE

You are a marketer.
And what do you do as a marketer?
You make people understand that you have a solution to their problems.
But you fail to make them trust and buy from you.
And this prevents you from cashing in mucho dineiros.… READ MORE

Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James interviews Tiger Haven: Test Before You Leap.
Lesson from the Haven
Tiger Haven is a sanctuary and rescue facility for big cats.READ MORE

Let’s face it… Owning a jewelry biz isn’t always easy.
… I know it hasn’t been for me.
So how are you going to deal with that fact?
Life doesn’t always cooperate. Shipments don’t arrive on time, you get sick, or maybe you find termites in your jewelry bench (totally not joking here… listen to the episode!)
It’s hard to push through when things get crazy.… READ MORE

In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell discusses about achieving balance and doing more in life.
Here are the show highlights of Why Achieving Perfect Balance Is Counter Productive:

The story of the 3 N’s (1:31)
Point of the story (5:42)
Unlocking your unfulfilled potential (7:20)
Myth about perfect balance (9:00)
Work as a rubber ball (9:29)
Counterbalance (10:58)
How to set goals for 2017 (11:56)
Setting passional goals (12:20)
Working on systems (14:00)

The Story of the 3 N’s
Kyle shares the story of the 3 N’s: Nolte, knee, and pneumonia.READ MORE

Welcome back!

In the previous episode you discovered how to format your resume using the latest trends. You found out ways to grab recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention and how to keep their interest so they read it until the end.READ MORE

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