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Infotainment is still a mystery to most marketers.
Those who get it – make a ton of money online.
Those who don’t – struggle for years. Then they quit.
So I thought my next guest should be someone who can teach you infotainment in less than 20 minutes.… READ MORE

A new podcast has been locked and loaded up on my site.
It’s about why real game is no game.
Get your lovin’ here:
Ben Settle… READ MORE

In the second part of this two part series, Abbey reveals the 11 reasons why you’re not getting the gig as a copywriter. If you missed part one, you can catch up by clicking here.
One of the reasons Abbey talks about today is the importance of doing great work (20:00).… READ MORE

Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James shares the Herschell Gordon Lewis Discussion that he had with Stuart MacLean.
Remembering Wendy
Wendy Newman, an expert copywriter, passed away last 2016.READ MORE

Back in the day, before any schmuck with Garageband and a YouTube account could release an album, a no-name guitar teacher, Joe Satriani, had an idea.
He used the money he had left on a credit card to record his own instrumental album, and release it on his own record label, started from his kitchen table.… READ MORE

Young confident woman in red cape and mask
On a beautiful late spring afternoon, two men joined the same opportunity.
They were very much alike, these two men.
They were both in their 50’s.
They were using the same funnel and promoting the same offer.… READ MORE

Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James discusses the Secrets to Using the Right Carrier.
The Cardinal Rule of Envelope Copy
According to Herschell Lewis, the only purpose of the carrier envelope is to get itself opened.READ MORE

In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell discusses some classic insights on living life with a mission.
Here are the show highlights of Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Influential Villains:

Living life aimlessly (3:31)
Not caring about anybody’s thoughts (4:53)
Villain without a mission (5:34)
A bad day working on a mission (7:08)
Fear of not being liked (11:10)

Mentors (13:01)
Dictating one’s life (14:21)
Ignoring unwarranted advice (18:05)

Be the Joker (18:50)
Recap (20:17)

Sharing the Secrets
Kyle told some guys about his goals in some of his passions, among which is writing fiction stories.READ MORE

Think of your favorite musician.
The one you’ve listened to a million times, whose songs you belt out in the shower, the car, and the subway. (Oops! Yes, there were totally other people there.)
For me this is Adele.… READ MORE

Do you consider $10,000 per month a good goal to strive for?
Most people do.
But Tellman Knudson, master hypnotist and the “Stan Lee” of e-mail marketing, wants to strangle those people.… READ MORE

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