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Here’s a tale of a winner and a loser: Moe wants to close his first multi-family deal (and amass a portfolio of a few thousand units.) The other day he closed his first 30 unit deal. He’s constantly making offers, raising money, getting attention, and making it happen. In a few short years, he will be a multimillionaire.

On the other hand, Mark joined the Deal Room, and quickly dropped out. He tried to rejoin again, but he never refilled the application. He’s missed the Deal Room, and will have to wait until 2023. Instead of chasing his dreams, he’s spending his weekends drinking with friends and family, and staying stuck in the rat race.

Both have the same goal: They want to escape the rat race, and buy their first multi family property. But only one made it.

So, how do we separate ourselves from being a real estate winner or loser?

On today’s episode, you’ll discover the exact “inward” method to relentlessly focus on your goals and start moving in the right direction in 2023.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • How a crippling nicotine addiction could help you sign the check on your first 90 unit deal (10:00)
  • The 5 processes successful real estate investors do on the weekend to unlock vast sums of personal wealth (10:52)
  • How simply “applying the principles” and “showing up” ethically forces you to become a savvy real estate mogul (and separates you from the other losers in real estate) (11:20)
  • “Inward” advice to instantly accelerate the purchase of your first real estate deal (even if you have a full time job and no spare income to splash) (15:02)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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