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Most people can’t go 10 minutes without telling a lie. These lies are usually harmless, but they start to crush your soul. 
The more you lie, the more your soul shatters. The worse you sleep at night.READ MORE

Business is like a game. And the wealthiest entrepreneurs have fun every single day. 
And you know what?
These wealthy entrepreneurs get invited to play more games because they treat everyone fair.READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs grind for success because there’s something missing in their life. 
But here’s the cold, hard truth: 
Making more money can’t make you happier if your mind, body, and soul aren’t aligned.READ MORE

Your identity is all you have. When you know who you are, you unlock “Superman” powers. But when you don’t know who you are, you’re just another Clark Kent. 
What makes up your identity then?READ MORE

Rejection is a powerful and crippling drug. It makes you poor. It sabotages your health. And it even makes you die sooner.
But what if you could handle rejection better?
Good news: You can.
In this episode, I’m revealing a dirt-simple way to reprogram how your brain responds to rejection so you become wealthier, healthier, and happier than you’ve ever been.… READ MORE

Many ancient stories include battling a dragon before winning the riches. And so it is with life.
On your journey, you will come across several dragons you must slay to become wealthy. But most people shy away from it and instead live a life they hate.… READ MORE

Do you feel trapped in a corporate prison you can’t escape? Stuck in a dead end job that makes you hate waking up every morning?
Well, then you’re not much different from The Count of Monte Cristo or myself a few years back.… READ MORE

The Inner Circle Podcast is for patriot entrepreneurs who want obtain freedom.
If you have started a business or looking to start a business, then this podcast will be valuable to you.
One thing I have learned since starting a business (in 2008) is the immense power of your circle. … READ MORE

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