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Top insurance companies are quick to roll out the red carpet for physicians-in-training. They offer large discounts and quick medical scanning.
It’s a great deal if you can afford it. But it’s not as easy putting your life on hold and going into debt for a career.… READ MORE

When you feel unsure about picking a policy, a broker agent can influence your decision. Trust is important. You should have an agent who is always looking for your best interest in a policy.
You want to have confidence an agent is on your side and always advocating at your time of claim.… READ MORE

AMA leads as the big influence in disability policies. But their prices may not be worth the coverage you get. A true policy lets you earn unlimited benefits (and keep the benefits you have). There are a lot of gaps in AMA policies.READ MORE

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing your insurance plan. From future insurability potential to benefits that will increase as your earning does, choosing between the wide array of plans can become overwhelming quickly. READ MORE

If your employer provides you with a group disability insurance plan, buying private coverage might feel redundant. 
But if you do become disabled, you don’t want to lose the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve. READ MORE

Many trainee physicians are afraid of needing disability leave. As a trainee, you don’t have guaranteed job stability and insurance coverage like full time residents or fellows. 
That makes it tough to worry about an accident or needing disability leave.READ MORE

Employers of resident or fellow physicians often provide Long Term Disability coverage. But does that coverage mean you can’t get your own LTD insurance?
The good news: An employer plan does not stop you from getting additional, private insurance.… READ MORE

When you advance from a resident or fellow physician to an attending physician, your income grows. And with more income, you can increase your disability insurance.
But how much disability insurance should you have?READ MORE

Many young physicians wonder if the Cost Of Living Adjustment is an important insurance rider. They want to know how a COLA works and how it’s calculated.
By earning interest, a COLA ensures that disability payments keep pace with inflation.READ MORE

When considering your insurance options, you may have come across the Mental Nervous benefit.
This confusing benefit has a very specific purpose: to cover your psychiatric care.
But what is psychiatric care, exactly?READ MORE

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