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Why do shady brokers take advantage of so many innocent physicians?
The biggest reason is that most people want cheaper rates, even though the top 4 companies offer safe, worthwhile coverage…
In other words, they set themselves up for misfortune…
This leads to losing thousands of dollars every year.… READ MORE

As a physician, your time is limited…
So, don’t waste it searching through info on disability insurance that won’t help you.
With so much bad advice out there, it’s crucial to get the right details!
Otherwise you risk yourself into policies that charge you crazy premiums and never pay off when crisis strikes… Leaving you and your family high & dry…
That’s why I’m here to share the crucial bits you need to know before getting disability insurance.… READ MORE

Getting coverage is easy, considering all the options you have.
But knowing what to pick or who to go to get help from is tricky.
To make matters worse: There are tons of bad brokers that will gladly take your money from your pockets.… READ MORE

Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset unlocks unfair advantages.
Not only does it save your most valuable assets (time and money), but it also makes you more credible in your patients’ eyes. In fact, this can make you the top choice in your entire market.… READ MORE

Picking the right disability coverage provider is a big deal.
Because they’ll be your safety net when times get tough, and you’ll be paying them for a long time.
Make sure it’s a wise investment.
Join me in this episode as I reveal the top companies we recommend, along with what to watch out for.… READ MORE

There’s a proper process you need to follow if you want to set up your disability coverage the right way.
And it’s something most people miss when they self-insure…
Join me in this episode as I guide you through the steps to get the cheapest disability coverage that protects you just as well as the expensive ones…
Listen now!… READ MORE

Getting a benefit increase rider on your policy is the smartest move you can make to ensure a smoother life ahead.
But there’s a catch…
There are hidden pitfalls that most people don’t know about that give insurance companies the power to snatch away your precious benefit increase rider.… READ MORE

There are two ways to retire as a physician: you can either retire sitting on a pile of assets you’re afraid to touch, or you can enjoy life, knowing your finances are secure no matter what happens to you.… READ MORE

Why is it that doctors are so skilled, yet have so little control of their careers?
Your time is controlled by your patients. And your salary is capped by insurance reimbursement rates.
Financial planning, on the other hand, is one of the areas where you have plenty of control.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever thought about whether or not you need a broker, then you’re not alone.
Thousands of physicians have asked the same question…
It’s only responsible to know if you need to be spending money on something you could likely do yourself.… READ MORE

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