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Some people think it’s better to skip a broker and go straight to an insurance company to avoid paying an extra fee.
Which is an excellent idea if you want to save money by doing the work yourself.
But unfortunately, it is more complicated than you think.… READ MORE

Most physicians think they’re invincible to accidents which can disable them and forever change their life. Physicians spend decades in school dedicating their lives to their careers, but never think twice about how quickly it can end or get altered.… READ MORE

Most trainees believe that they can get their coverage approved whenever they want.
Which is absolutely not the case.
Well, lucky for you, there is good news and bad news…
The bad news is that your policy might get delayed by months, leaving you stranded without coverage.… READ MORE

Every working person is vulnerable to disability.
And being disabled reduces your earnings, which is why I always recommend a private disability policy.
It’s one of the most effective methods for safeguarding a portion of your income while maintaining your standard of living.… READ MORE

As a trainee, it can be tough to budget for disability coverage.
But here’s the thing: waiting to get coverage is like playing a risky game with your finances.
Think about it – the longer you wait, the higher the interest rates on your coverage will be.… READ MORE

How much are you paying right now for your insurance premiums?
There’s a 95% chance it’s too much. Because 95% of physicians are unaware they can reduce how much they have to pay in premiums on their coverage.… READ MORE

The state of Massachusetts is taking away gender-neutral discounting.
This means that you can no longer add that to your policy to get a whopping 30-40% discount, which is the highest discount you can claim as an attendee.… READ MORE

Disability premiums can be seen as a “luxury,” especially when various expenses wear you down.
Which makes it easy to delay paying it until a later time. But this is a fatal mistake.
Disability can come knocking on anyone’s door at any time.… READ MORE

What do you think, as a young physician, your most crucial asset is?
Your retirement account or your real estate portfolio? Or some other type of holding?
What if I told you it’s none of that…
The most important asset as a young physician is your ability to get up from bed every day and do your job.… READ MORE

Many physicians end up paying more than necessary for the same exact disability policy as another one who pays half of what they do.
They committed one of the 5 major mistakes which skyrocket disability policy rates.… READ MORE

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