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Many trainee physicians are afraid of needing disability leave. As a trainee, you don’t have guaranteed job stability and insurance coverage like full time residents or fellows. 
That makes it tough to worry about an accident or needing disability leave.READ MORE

Employers of resident or fellow physicians often provide Long Term Disability coverage. But does that coverage mean you can’t get your own LTD insurance?
The good news: An employer plan does not stop you from getting additional, private insurance.… READ MORE

When you advance from a resident or fellow physician to an attending physician, your income grows. And with more income, you can increase your disability insurance.
But how much disability insurance should you have?READ MORE

Many young physicians wonder if the Cost Of Living Adjustment is an important insurance rider. They want to know how a COLA works and how it’s calculated.
By earning interest, a COLA ensures that disability payments keep pace with inflation.READ MORE

When considering your insurance options, you may have come across the Mental Nervous benefit.
This confusing benefit has a very specific purpose: to cover your psychiatric care.
But what is psychiatric care, exactly?READ MORE

Your disability insurance policy may include a Future Insurability Option. With an FIO, you can increase your coverage without an updated medical review.
This allows you to increase coverage throughout your career.READ MORE

To get disability insurance, your provider needs to review your medical history. That history is your medical underwriting. It determines your insurance rates. And once that insurance cost is set, it only covers your income at the time of that review.READ MORE

Combining your disability coverage with life insurance sounds like a smart financial move. You want to cover career gaps after an injury and get the coverage that always protects your loved ones.
But having a sustainable financial future starts with knowing what discounts work for you.READ MORE

When it comes to policy shopping, you might combine disability coverage with life insurance. But you want to make sure you get the most protection (without paying the most in fees).
There are a few things to consider in the underwriting process of combining plans.… READ MORE

It might feel like a waste of money getting coverage if you don’t perform extensive surgeries or exhaust your body every day. But a policy is about much more than preventing injuries….
The perfect policy will take care of your income when you’re sick or injured.READ MORE

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