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As a specialist, you have worked hard to grow your practice. But you never know when an unforeseen circumstance might sneak up and destroy your income and way of life.
Navigating the ins-and-outs of own-occupation disability insurance is confusing and lethal — especially when you do a lot of procedures & clinic work.… READ MORE

Good disability coverage could be the difference between financial security for life, and being broke and bound to a wheelchair.
There are between 70 and 75 disability insurance companies to choose from in the USA.… READ MORE

If you became permanently disabled, would you be able to pay off your student loan debt?
The average student loan debt for a physician is $201,490. In other words, that’s $2,288 a month, paid every single month for the next 10 years.… READ MORE

You already know that disability insurance is something you need to have as a medical professional. But as your income increases over time, you may wonder which option is the best for you.
To help you cut through the clutter, Billy takes a closer look at the top insurance plans for physicians in the market.… READ MORE

As a physician, long-term disability insurance is a must. And as your salary increases, you’ll need to increase your coverage as well to match your income.
But navigating insurance policies can be a nightmare.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever looked into disability insurance coverage, you know that it can be confusing. There are so many terms and definitions that it can make your head spin. But if you focus on the essentials, it becomes easier to understand.READ MORE

You probably already know that disability insurance is something you need to have, but you might have wondered if you need it while you’re young and not making much money. 
In this episode, Billy discusses the benefits to getting your disability coverage as soon as possible, and why waiting could leave you without insurance when you need it most.READ MORE

Getting your own specialty disability coverage is one of the best decisions you can make for your financial future. But should you try to do it by yourself? If you’ve ever looked into disability insurance, you probably know that policies are filled with confusing language and definitions.READ MORE

When it comes to you and your disability insurance, words matter. Specifically the policy language that defines your occupation. How this part of the policy is worded can make the difference between the insurance company paying you during a disability, or leaving you high and dry on a technicality.READ MORE

Buying disability insurance can be confusing—especially as a physician. With all the different levels of experience, specialties and more it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. 
But when you have a clear overview, your confusion fades and you get confidence that lets you make a great decision for yourself and your family.READ MORE

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