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Getting a benefit increase rider on your policy is the smartest move you can make to ensure a smoother life ahead.

But there’s a catch…

There are hidden pitfalls that most people don’t know about that give insurance companies the power to snatch away your precious benefit increase rider.

Putting your future at risk.

In this episode, I will unveil the surprising reasons people lose their benefit increase rider. You’ll also discover the unfortunate truth about having to endure additional medical screenings and the devastating possibility of not receiving the increase you were counting on.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • Surprising reason why the benefits increase rider actually ends up making your premiums cheaper (2:04)
  • Trainees: Here’s how you should get your brokers to structure your policies to get the maximum possible benefits over the long term (2:16)
  • Don’t have disability coverage? Here’s the “perfect” time to get the largest discount and maximum benefits when you get the coverage (3:15)
  • The “Coverage Purchase” formula that insurance companies use to figure out exactly how much coverage you need (and how you can increase that) (3:51)
  • The shortest amount of time you have to wait to legally increase your coverage (5:03)
  • Already have benefit increase rider? Here’s how you can prevent insurance companies from sneakily taking it off your policy… (5:10)
  • Why increasing your coverage by a low amount can enable insurance companies to snatch away your benefits increase rider (5:44)
  • Here’s how you can increase your coverage as a trainee in half the time attendees can (7:01)
  • The biggest regret every policyholder that goes through a claim has (and how you can potentially save yourself from a massive headache in the long-term) (11:05)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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