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The failure of Silicon Valley Bank worries not only their clients, but also every investor in the U.S.
On one hand, it’s the biggest bank collapse since 2008.
On the other hand, we were lucky it didn’t cause a chain-reaction.… READ MORE

The stock market seems turbulent and unpredictable right now.
It’s high volatility is probably not going away soon.
While this is discouraging, you are not powerless or have to just wait it out.… READ MORE

If stocks zig. bonds zag.
This means that, if the stock market goes down, bonds go up.
It’s common to diversify your portfolio by balancing out stocks and bonds, as they historically compliment each other.… READ MORE

When they pivot into retirement, people ask themselves one question first.
Will I be able to pay my bills without working a job?
Being able to cover your expenses gives you peace of mind.
But, you will also have a lot more free time to look forward to.… READ MORE

Our education and job system is broken.
We force everyone into college to major in any random course of study and graduate after 4 years.
But some of these degrees don’t have a job market out there for them after college.… READ MORE

“Put your mind to it and work hard.”
We’ve all heard similar words since we were children.
Because having the right work ethic helps us make the right decisions for ourselves.
And especially people, who’ve succeeded despite many hardships growing up, say that their success was due their work ethic.… READ MORE

No one is surprised when someone goes to college, graduates and becomes successful in life.
This gives the misleading impression that only college graduates can have a successful business career.
If you drop out of college, you bury your opportunities.… READ MORE

Imagine the day you retire.
You’ve been working and investing for years leading up to this point.
Not just money, but also countless hours went into planning and setting up your retirement plans.
Just for the market to crash as soon as you retire.… READ MORE

Investing is simple.
You acquire assets to profit from their increase in value.
Yet, so many people overcomplicate it, and change their strategy whenever they feel uneasy about the markets.
The result?… READ MORE

The holidays are over, and 2023 is already in full swing.
This means two things:

Even though 2022 is over, it’s still impacting our plans to protect our wealth, health and relationships.
This year will bring its own financial challenges along with opportunities we can take advantage of.… READ MORE

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