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People tend to deny the importance of setting goals the closer they get to retirement.
They argue it’s something for the younger generations, that they’re too busy.
This couldn’t be further from the truth.… READ MORE

Most things in life turn out differently than we expect them to.
A new technology can turn an industry upside down.
Just as the career path we expect to follow until we retire, can turn into an inescapable trap.… READ MORE

Losing your steady salary is amongst the main reasons we don’t retire as soon as we’d like to.
So we go through with our work until the Medicare coverage starts at 65, sacrificing our health in order to have financial stability in retirement.… READ MORE

A small family business fills its owner with pride, and motivates them to leave a legacy for their family.
But most small businesses have something in common: It’s just a job without time for a vacation with your loved ones.… READ MORE

If you’re looking for options to donate to charity, you may have heard of donor-advised funds.
Not only can donating to charity serve the purpose of biblical generosity, but they also have the pleasant side effect of tax deductions.… READ MORE

Many people don’t consider that the Bible doesn’t define retirement.
Does this mean we should be working forever? Should we sacrifice time with our loved ones for work?
Certainly not.
The common definition of retirement is leaving your job and ceasing to work.… READ MORE

Did you know fiduciaries legally have to invest in your best financial interest?
…even if it means your investments enable hazardous sweatshops, lung cancer, and gambling addictions!
Until recently, you’d have a dilemma on your hands as a Christian: Profits or your faith?… READ MORE

Your career is more than a source of income. It provides you with a social network, variety and meaning in your life.
But what happens when your job grows dull?
Staying in a dead-end career is a recipe for burnout and depression.… READ MORE

Nobody wants to retire broke.
So we crunch numbers, watch our investments like a hawk, and stress over every detail of our finances to make sure we retire securely.
There’s no denying how important your finances are when it comes to retirement.… READ MORE

Listen now to discover where the Top 5 cities in Texas are!
Show highlights include:

Why niche.com thinks The Woodlands is the best city for you to live in America (1:39)
How having a legendary reenactment in Settler’s Park each year lets you participate in Texan history (4:28)
Living in a great city is knowing your neighbors, having great restaurants close, and feeling part of the community.… READ MORE

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