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Investing is simple.
You acquire assets to profit from their increase in value.
Yet, so many people overcomplicate it, and change their strategy whenever they feel uneasy about the markets.
The result?… READ MORE

The holidays are over, and 2023 is already in full swing.
This means two things:

Even though 2022 is over, it’s still impacting our plans to protect our wealth, health and relationships.
This year will bring its own financial challenges along with opportunities we can take advantage of.… READ MORE

When it comes to retiring, how to invest your money is always in focus.
Since there is so much to think about with diversification and never ending trends, you may neglect something equally important:
Retirement distributions..… READ MORE

Healthcare may be the most dreaded topic in regards to retirement.
Since the traditional healthcare system seems so complicated, most people lose track of how it works, and make decisions that make a healthy retirement impossible.… READ MORE

2022 has been an eventful year.
And unfortunately, some happenings had bad effects on our economy.
Russia invading Ukraine made our problems with inflation even worse. The following energy crisis led to soaring inflation.… READ MORE

Travel is one of the best ways to create unforgettable memories.
But, before that you feel uncertain about your destination and how to get there.
And before you know it, you start to doubt if all the hassle is worth it.… READ MORE

Most people have a negative view on what is going on in the world.
And the apparent decrease in faith – especially in the younger generations – seems to confirm this bad outlook.
But even if this is true, things may not be as dark as they seem.… READ MORE

People tend to deny the importance of setting goals the closer they get to retirement.
They argue it’s something for the younger generations, that they’re too busy.
This couldn’t be further from the truth.… READ MORE

Most things in life turn out differently than we expect them to.
A new technology can turn an industry upside down.
Just as the career path we expect to follow until we retire, can turn into an inescapable trap.… READ MORE

Losing your steady salary is amongst the main reasons we don’t retire as soon as we’d like to.
So we go through with our work until the Medicare coverage starts at 65, sacrificing our health in order to have financial stability in retirement.… READ MORE

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