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Most of us die with regrets. Amongst the top ones?
“I wish I had worked less”… “I wish I had spent more time with the people I loved”… and “I wish I had lived my own life”.
And a major cause of these regrets?… READ MORE

Employers always say “we value experience.” But as soon as they see gray hair and wrinkles, they want someone with “a bit more runway.”
If you’re in your 60’s or above, the odds of landing a great job are against you.… READ MORE

When most of us imagine retirement, we conjure dreams of freedom, wealth and travel.
So why is it that so many people throw away their golden years isolating themselves from the community, watching Fox News, and tending to their flower beds?… READ MORE

You’ve been blessed with skills over the course of your career. But what are you going to do when you retire?
Wasting your God-given skills is a sure road to depression. That’s why we need an outlet, even after we retire.… READ MORE

Your business could make all the money in the world. But will it buy you happiness? A family who loves you? Connection with God?
Sometimes, your business gets in the way of what really matters.
And when you pivot careers, suddenly life changes: relationships become deeper, you become closer to the Lord, and you feel overwhelmed with content.… READ MORE

In the 21st century, we’re more mobile than ever. Youths from some towns flock towards opportunity, leaving their home economy to dry up. While other towns get a massive influx of outsiders – killing the culture.… READ MORE

There’s no question – retirement frees up a lot of time to spend on your family and hobbies. But after years of building a company, your business becomes part of your identity.
Whether you realize it or not, many business owners tie their self-worth to their business.… READ MORE

Working in the same profession for years grows dull. Every day feels like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day. And sometimes, that lack of passion bleeds over into your relationships.
That’s when you know it’s time for a shakeup – it’s time to retire or pivot into a new career.… READ MORE

After decades in the game, your business becomes part of your identity.
So how would you feel if your business crashed into the ground after you handed over control to someone else? It’s like losing a limb.… READ MORE

Your local business is more than an income stream. After decades of being a public face in the local community, your business becomes part of your identity.
So when the time comes to exit, it can feel like a part of your identity dies when you leave the business.… READ MORE

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