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When life throws a monkey wrench into things, a lot of times you are forced to either quit or retire.
But rather than retire, pivot and change the direction of your life. And when you pivot, you start a new life or career.READ MORE

Elon Musk has been a pioneer in electric cars and space travel. And now he’s in Texas. But how does that affect you as a Texan?
His companies have moved from California to Texas. His footprint is everywhere from Austin to the Rio Grande.READ MORE

You want to retire and have the ability to live a life of leisure, with the ability to take vacations with your family and know that your bills are always paid – and then some. But what does comfortable retirement really mean?… READ MORE

When and how to retire is one of the most important decisions of your life. And it’s a tough one. 
With so many considerations: money, family, church, health and your legacy… it’s no wonder many of us end up frustrated and confused. READ MORE

Almost everyone receives a raise at their job sometime during their career. But did you save half of that raise when you got it? You probably didn’t.
So where do you learn the life skills about saving for retirement?… READ MORE

Listen now to discover where the Top 5 cities in Texas are!
Show highlights include:

Why niche.com thinks The Woodlands is the best city for you to live in America (1:39)
How having a legendary reenactment in Settler’s Park each year lets you participate in Texan history (4:28)
Living in a great city is knowing your neighbors, having great restaurants close, and feeling part of the community.… READ MORE

Texas is a part of the Bible Belt. And faith is an integral part of Texan values.
Do your Christian values align with the businesses you are investing in?
Biblical Responsible Investing is becoming more important to Texans than ever before.READ MORE

Have you sat in your comfy chair for too long? Have you watched all the college football you can watch? Are you bored out of your mind?
These are all common things that happen to people after they retire. So why not start a business?READ MORE

Chronic care could happen at any time. Being a caregiver for one or both of your parents can be difficult. Especially if kids are fighting with nurses and each other over the inheritance money.
So planning in advance is the answer.READ MORE

Most Baby Boomers were raised to “go to school and get a job” with a pension or a retirement account. Additionally, the US government added social security as a way to supplement those funds not replace them.… READ MORE

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