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Whether you’re working or retired, few things feel better than impacting your community in a positive way. If you can put a smile on the faces of those around you, you’ll feel fulfilled and happy.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever been to Texas, you’ve probably seen a lot of oil wells. That’s because Texas has some of the most oil-rich land in America—and has produced some of the wealthiest Americans in history.… READ MORE

In the school days, most of us snored through history class.
But as we get older, we realize the importance of our past. If you ignore history, you miss out on valuable connections… and you risk investing in assets that plummet to zero.… READ MORE

Many people want to retire early so they can travel, spend time with their family, and knock things off their bucket list. But most people just stay home and watch TV.
Why is that?
When you try to do everything yourself—like growing your finances—you commit mistakes that devour your nest egg.… READ MORE

Owning a family business gives you the privilege to retire early. However, many folks find it difficult to navigate passing the business on to their kids.
It’s normal. Understanding a new generation and their perspective on business can be challenging.… READ MORE

Many Americans dream of retiring before 65. After all, imagine the time you’ll have for your family, church and hobbies!
But financial strain, lower social security benefits, and lack of Medicare turn early retirement into a minefield.… READ MORE

Caring for an elderly parent can feel like you’re putting your life on hold. Between appointments, insurance plans and long term care, you barely get time for yourself.
But as today’s guest Lara Harris will show, there are ways to make it easier.… READ MORE

You’ve worked hard for your business over the years, pouring your heart and soul into it – and that’s worth being proud of.
But if you don’t plan for your exit now, you’ll end up burned out with no time to spend on the people you love.… READ MORE

Retirement is a time when you can finally do what’s been on your bucket list all these years. You can travel the world, have one-on-one moments with loved ones or even revive an old passion!
But if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll have so little energy that your retirement years will be nothing but regret and penny-pinching.… READ MORE

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to avoid a disappointing sale value, or an employee who’s looking to create a dream lifestyle after decades of “working for the man”, this episode’s for you!… READ MORE

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