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We all face barriers on the road to achieving what we want. Some barriers are external. There are things in the way. Some barriers are internal. Our inner dialogue can be self-limiting. It’s a sad reality that in 2023 women still face more external barriers than men do.

How do we lift ourselves and others up?

Well, today’s guest, Carolyn Henry, Vice President, General Manager of Americas Regional Marketing at Intel, reveals exactly what she did to overcome the external and internal barries she encountered on her leadership journey.. She also reveals a few false (and dangerous) misconceptions 95% of female leaders still believe.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • A book that dismantles the myth that women can “have it all” (this author acknowledged her previous books and advice were harmful. Here’s why she’s right this time) (1:49)
  • The “activist” technique to unlock the inner-shine in your team (works even if they’re unmotivated) (3:46)
  • How to confidently handle overbearing male bosses who accuse you of being harsh by making him give you more depth (6:42)
  • Why female leaders need to eliminate the false notion of internalizing problems (it’s not always something you did wrong) (7:38)
  • The stupid-simple way women can be promoted to Vice President in 5 years (instead of 10) by asking yourself this question (10:49)
  • Relentless customer outreach and follow-up unlocks higher profits (even if 95% of Silicon Valley gets this simple rule wrong) (12:49)

If you want to connect with Carolyn, here’s where you can find her online:


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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