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Who do you think should come first when you want feedback to grow?
Customers or Teammates?
Chances are…
You take advice only from your customers, neglecting your teammates in return.
The result?
Your company culture collapses, and nobody feels comfortable providing valuable feedback or taking the initiative to improve the organization.… READ MORE

The ONLY barrier that stops good teammates from functioning as a great team is not what you’d expect.
It’s not…
Ineffective leadership
Poor communication
Or even lack of trust
Sure those 3 play a crucial role.… READ MORE

Leading a team from afar is like trying to cook a meal without being in the kitchen. You can’t just pop over and ask what’s on the stove or if someone needs an extra spoon.
That’s why there are two key ingredients you must know to keep your remote team’s spirit flavorful and strong.… READ MORE

Do you think you could effectively lead a team, even when they’re spread across 16 different time zones?
Well, that’s where the future of leadership lies. Having a globally dispersed team helps you attract the best talent, but the best talent gets wasted without an effective leader.… READ MORE

It may sound cruel, but a leader’s priority is not to give answers.
It’s to ask the right questions…
Because the best way to learn skills is not by being handed a solution but it’s when you come up with it by yourself…
So your priority is to create an environment with roadblocks you know your team can overcome with next to no help.… READ MORE

60% of change initiatives fail.
And while every organization is different, there is one common mistake that runs through the change process from idea to execution.
Most leaders know what is possible and what they can’t do, but they focus too much on measurable outcomes.… READ MORE

Many companies become too big, and collapse under their own weight.
Because when you try to grow an organization, you are responsible for decisions of people who don’t report to you.
If you can’t have long one-to-one talks with everyone, you have to set the right tone in every group conversation you have.… READ MORE

Disappointments lurk behind every corner of a business.
Whether a client stops working with you, or the competition poaches one of your most promising talents.
Recurring setbacks instill a fear of making change in the mind of many CEOs.… READ MORE

Politics and business go hand in hand. Whatever happens in the economy affects the political landscape and vice versa.
You can even compare your role as a leader to that of a mayor: As the representative of your business, you solve conflicts, and enable your team to make it grow.… READ MORE

One of the biggest mistakes new leaders make is trying to be original too hard.
They hop from one leadership trend to another without getting the results they want.
But, look at the people with the highest net worth in the world.… READ MORE

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