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If you find all the talk about the growth mindset boring, you are right.
But knowing what is wrong with it is an opportunity to find out what drives somebody to accomplish their goal.
The growth mindset has a fatal flaw.… READ MORE

When you get into a new leadership position, you may feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities at first.
If you were a high performer who delivered consistent results before, it’s become only one side of the coin now.… READ MORE

Many leaders talk about “collaboration” while few practice collaboration. In most organizations, there’s no intention to build the capacity to collaborate. There are rarely clear lines of communication between people and teams.… READ MORE

Giving advice. Something universally accepted as essential in leadership circles. But if you don’t know the full story, the full picture, and the context behind a situation, it does more harm than good.… READ MORE

Trust is the foundation of any productive and high-performing team. It’s critical that team members trust one another and trust their leader. What’s at risk when trust is eroded? People disengage.… READ MORE

We all face barriers on the road to achieving what we want. Some barriers are external. There are things in the way. Some barriers are internal. Our inner dialogue can be self-limiting. It’s a sad reality that in 2023 women still face more external barriers than men do.… READ MORE

There is a difference between being a manager and being a leader.
A manager takes responsibility for metrics and calculable results.
This is – to some extent – also part of being a leader, since daily operations and reaching objective goals are crucial.… READ MORE

Most leaders ask “qu-gestions” without even knowing it. “Qu-gestions” are suggestions sneakily disguised with a question mark at the end.
This sabotages their relationship with their employees, leading to poor teamwork, diminished results, and lower levels of morale.… READ MORE

You go beyond usual and ordinary to engage people, lead change, and drive results.
Managers run the present. Ultra leaders shape the future. You’re an ultra leader.
Best-selling author, leadership coach, and “change sherpa” Dr.… READ MORE

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