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Many companies become too big, and collapse under their own weight.

Because when you try to grow an organization, you are responsible for decisions of people who don’t report to you.

If you can’t have long one-to-one talks with everyone, you have to set the right tone in every group conversation you have. People water down your words as they spread from person to person, no different than a game of telephone.

But there’s a trick to ensuring most of what you stay sticks…


By developing a sense for what your team needs to hear right now.

In today’s episode, Julie Guest, Principle Partner Development, AWS, shares how to tell what your team needs to hear from you, what to keep in mind whenever you explain a change operation, and an underrated way being responsible for a team makes you happier.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • One word that helps your team make more decisions for themselves (2:24)
  • The “Why-How” method to take away the fear of tearing up a familiar workflow (4:03)
  • 3 communication principles to “ethically force” even your biggest dissenters to agree with your every word (5:59)
  • How to reverse the risk of bad teamwork and miscommunication among your people with one sentence (9:20)
  • The real reason “nice” people don’t succeed in business (and how you can lead with authenticity without being “nice” ) (12:07)
  • How to skyrocket the effectiveness of your next virtual meeting by sacrificing 3 minutes (16:44)
  • How your team helps you shut your inner critic up (without underestimating the problems that need solving) (17:55)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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