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60% of change initiatives fail.

And while every organization is different, there is one common mistake that runs through the change process from idea to execution.

Most leaders know what is possible and what they can’t do, but they focus too much on measurable outcomes.

What you need to do is go one step further and plan how you communicate the change with the people who will make it a reality.

You don’t need to master the craft of storytelling, but there are ways to gain the necessary insight, so you know what your team needs to hear from you.

In today’s episode, change leader Sam Berman shares how most change initiatives fail in the planning stages, the hazards of postponing hard decisions, and how good communication can save your organization during a transformation.

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Show highlights include:

  • The “Part-Timer” framework to avoid change management failure due to miscommunication (2:39)
  • One overlooked planning mistake that dooms 60% of change initiatives to fail (4:04)
  • 3 ways to communicate and build confidence in your team (even if the change process overwhelms them) (5:25)
  • How bad leaders turn their people against them by making things “easy” (and what to do instead) (8:57)
  • The “Selfish Altruism” method to convince unagreeable high achievers to work together (13:43)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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