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Every sales leader wants a team that consistently exceeds their goals.

But why do so few leaders achieve this?

The secret is understanding what motivates your team.

When you help them grow and show that you're there to support them, you'll get the results you want without burning yourself out in the process

In this episode,sales leader and coach Alyssa Kropp shares her insights on how to build a team that's ready to go the extra mile.

Tune in now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • #1 underrated leadership lesson that will instantly make you a better leader (1:27)
  • How to build a team that will run through walls for you (This makes them 100x more motivated to outperform on tasks) (5:18)
  • Doesn’t feel right to lead a team? Here’s a surefire way to figure out if you’re meant to be in a leadership role or not (6:43)
  • The most challenging part of leadership that makes or breaks a team (and how you can overcome it) (9:37)
  • The “Conscious Leader” mindset that keeps you from getting flustered or overwhelmed (11:17)
  • New to your leadership role? Here’s how you can relinquish some control and let your team grow on their own (14:39)
  • Surprising reason why your sales team is underperforming post-pandemic (17:44)
  • The biggest trait every inspirational leader has that you need to start cultivating now! (21:50)


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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