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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Laci Buzzelli, who brings a wealth of experience from her impressive 19-year career in sales and leadership.
Today, Laci shares the importance of clear directives and the impact of supportive leadership on both personal and team success.… READ MORE

Get ready to revolutionize your sales leadership playbook with one of today’s best leaders in healthcare tech sales, Shaun Priest. Matt and Shaun discuss the core principles of sales leadership success, from the need for simplicity and clarity to the challenge of understanding and meeting boardroom expectations.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt takes a deeper look at systems thinking and its impact on the performance of sales leaders and their organizations. Using the legendary college football coach Nick Saban as inspiration, Matt explores the significance of developing and refining a system over time.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt journeys into the world of systems thinking and how it separates the great sales leaders from the average.
Learn how to move beyond simple cause-and-effect analysis, understand the interconnectedness of every aspect of your organization, and make smart, focused moves to drive real change.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt takes a deep look into the concept of the Sales Leader’s Operating System™ and systems thinking.
Drawing from insightful interviews with real-world sales leaders, Matt uncovers crucial patterns and themes that emerge when you consider how great sales teams operate.… READ MORE

Today’s episode features Jeff Lautenbach, whose rich history with IBM, Salesforce, and other successful global sales organizations will change the way you think about engaging with your team and your clients.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Kevin Kearns, Chief Revenue Officer at Hotel Engine, dives into a topic that is crucial for sales leaders who need to drive remarkable results.
Kevin shares his views on talent density and why finding the right individuals for each position is vital in building successful sales organizations.… READ MORE

In this episode, Matt McDarby sits down with seasoned sales leader, Kevin O’Keefe, CEO at Profit Key ERP and Executive Chairman at Advanced Sales AI. They will discuss the art of inspiring and nurturing success within sales teams.… READ MORE

In this episode of The Divine Comedy of Sales, host Matt McDarby sits down with Michelle Carney, Regional Vice President of Sales at Toast, to discuss the importance of leaning into your strengths as a leader.… READ MORE

As a sales leader, you face an important challenge:
You have to balance being a coach and a manager.
The difference?
A coach develops your team effectively and a manager gets projects across the finish line.… READ MORE

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