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Settle in and listen to our latest episode of The Divine Comedy of Sales. Today, host Matt McDarby talks with Chris Turnley about what drives sales teams to succeed.

Listen in as Chris shares his pragmatic approach to aligning sales strategies across functions, and learn how to balance boldness and humility in your leadership style. Discover how your own career in sales can flourish through continuous learning and adaptation without losing sight of your core values.

This episode will give you helpful tips for succeeding in the changing world of sales. This conversation could help guide your career in a new direction. Let's get started!

Show highlights:

How to align behavior for repeatable sales success. [00:03:15]
Sage advice on sales as a skill ladder vs. a job sequence. [00:11:35]
Dos and don’ts of talent development as a leader. [00:16:02]
The power of formative influences in success. [00:23:14]
Learn about work–life alignment. [00:26:20]
Why sales leaders must evolve with the industry. [00:28:33]
Is success too early in sales a career hindrance? [00:29:46]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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