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Politics and business go hand in hand. Whatever happens in the economy affects the political landscape and vice versa.

You can even compare your role as a leader to that of a mayor: As the representative of your business, you solve conflicts, and enable your team to make it grow.

And there is one lesson both the politicians in power and successful CEOs take to heart.

Their true power depends on their reputation.

Just as important as your leadership skills, is your ability to display them.

Most CEOs ignore this vital aspect of leadership, and miss out on a team that is eager to follow them.

But a good reputation gives you the ability to help others reach their highest potential.

So, if you can harness this power of empowering others, you'll spend much less time running the business, and free up time for strategies to grow it.

In today’s episode, my brother Neil Giuliano shares what business leaders can learn from political events, a little habit that can skyrocket the success of your next meeting, and what baseball teaches us about setting high but realistic goals.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How most businesses depend on the mercy of the political landscape (and what to do against it) (2:50)
  • The “Core” template to identify and solve any problems with a team member (6:38)
  • 6 words that turn a short talk into a timeless lesson for your team member (7:49)
  • How most leaders actively discourage people from doing their best in the workplace (9:37)
  • The counterintuitive way setting overwhelming goals calms your nerves (and opens your eyes for new business opportunities) (15:32)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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