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Being a better business owner, husband, and dad isn’t impossible if you don’t have faith… But you’re playing the game on “expert mode” instead of “easy mode.”

When you have faith—and when you put Him as your #1 priority—everything falls into place like magic.

That’s what today’s guest, founder of The Podcast Factory, Jonathan Rivera, discovered after a series of ups and downs in his entrepreneurial journey (including losing everything in the 2008 housing market crash).

In this episode, Jonathan reveals how to build a faith-based business, why paying it forward can lead to a multimillion dollar business, and how to create your own “Pillars of Purpose” to create a fulfilled and balanced life.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to bounce back from a humiliating defeat like losing your business and everything you cherish (3:35)
  • Why your wife is the single most important person in your business (even if she’s not involved with it) (7:26)
  • The “Law of Borrowed Belief” secret for staying confident and driven (even when everything’s falling apart in your life) (7:47)
  • The stupid-simple 3-word question that differentiates the winners in life from the losers in life (11:47)
  • How to turn the habit of paying it forward into a multimillion dollar business (14:12)
  • Why entrepreneurship is the loneliest job in the world (and how to build a Brotherhood with other people like you) (18:02)
  • How to develop your own “Pillars of Purpose” and wake up everyday blessed, motivated, and ready to conquer life (20:02)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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