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My faithful producer Jonathan, AKA Joe Nation, totally got me off on a tangent.
And I think you’ll be glad he did.
Because it got me to reveal the NUMERO UNO secret for generating maximum revenues
in any business.… READ MORE

The Future Of Traffic and Funnels ™
A short show today as Chris and Taylor share their exciting plans for the future of Traffic and Funnels ™. Learn how you can be a part of this journey and join the massive movement the guys are aiming to create.READ MORE

If you want to know the two biggest enemies most Internet Marketers face, and how to make sure you can clearly overcome them, you’re in the right place.
Here’s the highlights of today’s show:

Why knowledge isn’t power, and only potential (2:50)
The results boosting ratio when it comes to consumption vs implementation (4:30)
How to block out distraction and create complete clarity and focus (5:30)

The Innovative Internet Marketer
If you really want to see your progress skyrocket through the roof with your online efforts, it’s essential you understand the key differences between consumption and implementation.READ MORE

Neither my wife nor I are party animals.
We prefer quiet movie nights to a night out.
Last week, after tucking in Erika, we decided to watch a Tom Cruise movie.
There’s one movie where he’s a novice NASCAR driver with an attitude problem.… READ MORE

Copywriting for a jewelry business is different from typical “online marketing” copywriting.
Selling physical products means you gotta have a lot of great words to paint a picture of your customers wearing your jewelry!… READ MORE

Guys, I’ve seen the light. I’ve been so blind this whole time. Thanks to our good ole’ buddy, Tool Boy, for setting me straight with all of his melodramatic feels! I just had to share with you all, if you’re doing one-rep max lifts in the gym, STOP IMMEDIATELY!READ MORE

Most people would say that a charity is always good – but not everyone. Some people would argue that charity work is carried out badly or less than optimal.
In today’s exciting episode of the Donor Doctor Show, James talks with his son about charity rating services and whether or not they do more harm than good.… READ MORE

There are two ways to grow a business. There’s the easy way, and the hard way. Most business owners try to do it the hard way because they don’t know any different.
Today’s Traffic and Funnels ™ show is all about growing a successful business the lazy way.READ MORE

Having distributed teams is a common thing for many companies today. And sometimes their entire organisation is completely virtual.
As a consequence, doing phone interviews throughout the whole process is becoming more and more common.READ MORE

Ever had a prospect opt in, show tons of interest and then disappear?
Not experience buyer remorse.
Not complain about your price.
Not change his mind.
Just disappear.
Happens all the time, right?
Would you like to know why?… READ MORE

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