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No one knows who the heck you are when you start your business.

You then must compete with other existing business owners. Which leads to lowering prices and becoming a commodity.

This strategy ensures you head towards bankruptcy and burnout.

The cure to this?

Writing a book, so that you become the only choice in town. This unlocks a flood of customers, and you have no choice but to increase your prices.

Today’s guest, Mike Fallat, a multiple business owner and the go-to guy for helping other entrepreneurs write best-selling books joins us to reveal his process for creating instant authority in the marketplace.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The secret for building lasting relationships (that unlock a stream of revenue) (2:10)
  • Where to find your ideal customers that want to give you a boatload of money (7:40)
  • The “magical box” formula for generating extra revenue streams (7:53)
  • How to create a legacy that ensures your kids are taken care of (8:28)
  • The one book that changes every entrepreneur’s life forever (10:02)
  • The sneaky “Amazon Bestseller” strategy for making your book a top seller and gaining instant authority (even in competitive niches) get your book to be a number one Amazon best seller (use it for instant authority) (13:26)

The “bad draft” method for getting success in your life (so that others pay you for your time) (26:19)
If you’d like to connect with Mike Fallat, please visit him at https://dreamstarterspublishing.com/ or connect with him on Instagram at the dream starter.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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