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Most people think human nature is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and uncertain. But this belief imprisons us into a life of mediocrity. We allow ourselves to become comfortable, and thus, make excellence impossible.… READ MORE

Why does the school system teach us a whole bunch of random subjects that we’ll never use in our lives?
For a large majority, this leads to boredom and self esteem issues when they don’t fit in.
The hard to accept truth is that the school system teaches us to be good employees.… READ MORE

95% of the population don’t have a way to expand their minds physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s really sad if you think about it.  They go through life like Groundhog Day and expect to see changes in their life.… READ MORE

Do you feel stuck when striving for your business and life goals?
Many entrepreneur’s do and there is a common culprit among everyone who feels stuck.
A lack of trust in yourself keeps you creating excuses, procrastinating, and eroding your confidence. … READ MORE

Do you ever think about quitting your job and starting your own business?  It’s something that most aspire to.   However, they quit before they get started.
Because self-doubt and negative talk creeps in and sabotages them.… READ MORE

Do you ever get frustrated when you visit the doctor? It can be, especially when you’re uncomfortable and in pain.  This is because doctors are good at looking at the symptoms instead of the root cause of the pain.… READ MORE

Ever wonder how technology will transform the way we use money?
Money is going through one of the biggest transformations in history. Going into a bank or having the government control the money supply is slowly becoming extinct.… READ MORE

Most people follow the traditional path. They go to school, get a good education, and finally land a job they want.
Until reality sets in three months later, and they realize they made a massive mistake.… READ MORE

Most people live mediocre lives and feel “stuck”. They struggle with limiting beliefs and don’t achieve the success they want to.
The truth is, your old mindset will not take you to your new destination.… READ MORE

We have been taught at an early age that we should avoid failure.  School, our parents, and society ingrained this belief into our psyches.
That’s why failure usually stops people in their tracks, instead of unlocking answers that can fuel your success.… READ MORE

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