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You can master a “big money skill” – but if your ideal client never sees you, how can you expect to make big money?

The great news is, you don’t need to work harder to attract dream clients in droves.

Just ask Christy Rutherford. She used to work so she passed out. Now she’s soaking up the sun in the Bahamas, working 50% less, and making much, much more money.

In this episode, Christy shows you how you can do it too – step by step. And she’ll reveal the key that lets you get similar success with “paint by numbers” ease.

Are you ready for a life of freedom? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Change one number on your pricing page to turn clients from hell into darling angels (9:32)
  • The “so much it hurts” principle that doubles your income, gets better results and makes clients send their wealthy friends to you (11:12)
  • How to transform your business into a fully automatic machine you can sell for a fat profit (13:55)
  • How to hit $100k months as easily as filling in a coloring book (18:17)

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(00:58): Hey, what's up my friend, Dr. Mark Ross said the king contraction and welcome to this brand new of the school of client attraction. And lemme ask you this. Have you ever been in your business when it comes to marketing and you were actually having to post and pray, meaning you were posting and praying or hoping that somebody actually reached out to you to actually buy or inquire about your services? That's the same thing that happened with Christie. When she reached out, she said I was posting and praying. I was amazing at what I do the best at what I do, but not many people knew who I was and who cares and how great I am and the knows who I was. I'm like, you're absolutely right. So we dove in, we started implementing some specific strategies. Not only was she able to break through our revenue ceiling, but she was actually able to move to The Bahamas.

(01:31): She went there on a quick vacation, loved it. And because of what happened in her business, she's able to been able to state. And she's been there for a couple years. In today's episode, I directed communications. Our president of communications, Michelle was actually gonna interview and pull back the curtain and get the step by step process and the strategies that Chris's been able to implement her business. So you can actually take these, these ideas and implement into your business. So you can break through your revenue ceilings, you know, live abroad or buy your dream home, whatever the case may be. So we no further do let's go ahead and jump to the episode.

(01:59): Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. This is the OG is what they call me here at C AU. Right? My name is Rochelle haw, and I am the president of communications. And my role here is to truly make sure everything just is everything. But as I always tell everybody, my favorite part of my role is hanging out with our successful clients and just finding out what the, what the heck they got going on their lifestyle. See her curly hair today. Cause she lives on the beach. Now Lord have mercy. My favorite miss Christie. What the hell? My other chick. That's the baddest chick on the planet. Right? Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

(02:39): I thought I was a bad chick, so I bet Raelle I say, Hey, I got to take a, I got to take a, I would just move out the way. That's not true. That's why we just hang together. Right. That's why we hang together. So please introduce yourself. Tell everybody what you doaAgain. Christy Ruth for thanks so much for the introduction, Michelle, I assist women in leadership with earning raises, bonuses and promotions through office, us politics and self care, 10 million in raises and promotions in 2021. Wow. In the middle of a pandemic 11 million total, but we did 10 million last year, 11 million in 2020. So we're picking up the momentum. This, this year, the goal is to do 40 million and we're already at about a million by January 8th. Wow. So, so tell me like what, what do you, what do you think is the number one reason why they're just not getting the raises that they should be? Oh, women don't ask. Hmm.

(03:38): Women are for aid to ask for raises that's the first. But, but the reason why we don't ask is what we work on. Like a lot of times people be like, oh, I wanna teach you how to ask for raise. We work on why are you reluctant? And what is your fear? And what's the conversation that you're having in your head before you ask where you talk yourself out of it. And so it depends on what their background is because if they grew super religious right in the church, they are just content with not asking for a lie, you know, black churches. That's, you know, I, I tell people I'm a prosperity preacher. So they're content. You want more, but they're afraid to for themselves, they don't think that they deserve it. So you don't then think that you deserve it. You're not gonna ask.

(04:17): And nobody's just gonna give it to you no matter how many degrees that you have. I have some women who are in leadership who had, you know, tumultuous passes are passed with their family. So if I have some women who had dads that were abusive to their mom in the house, when conflict pops off, Michelle Little kids learn how to hide. So now their default trauma response to conflict is to hide. So now leadership is conflict. So you've seen it. You're in the leadership meeting and people start arguing and they get rough because that's what leadership is. The women disappear into the wallpaper. Yeah. And then they get mad because they're not being seen in they're overlooked. I'm like, you're not in the room. So that's we work on is what is stopping you from the X, for the raise. Let's now create insert new action to create a new result. And you're already valued at, you know, I had a client who went from two 10 to 6, 25, you're already valued at 600 to 25. We need to figure out what you're doing to block that.

(05:18): Yeah. At the same company, or was it a new company? This was a new opening, but I just had one of my, my clients in January. She went from four 10 to, and we were gonna actually, I think she was at about 300. So we're gonna double her S salary, 6 25. She just got a raise to about 8, 10, 8 98. And she'll do a million dollars this year. That's in the same firm. She's a name partner. So she made partner and they're gonna add her name to the, to, to the building. So yeah, that's that's 2.5 X or salary, same company. So it depends. Right. It depends. Wow. But most of the time they just aren't. Aren't ready to ask the question cuz they haven't done the work. Is that they've the work? No, no, no. The women have done the they're working three times this hat. So it's a lot. No,

(06:02): No. I mean the inner work, The inner work is where it is. Yeah. We understand that. It's all inner. Yeah. Well, no, cause I, I know so many women that, that work so hard. Right? Yep. And I go, Ooh, that's thinking grow rich is and grow rich, not work three times as hard as the men and complain, you're not making your money. Say it again. Think and grow rich, not work three times hard as the men and then complain that they keep getting promoted over you again and again and again, stop complaining and start taking action of what do you need to do? Because apparently it keeps happening. It's not believable. Like nothing said's they did it to me again. I'm like they can't do it to you three times at three organizations without you realizing it's you girl, it's you

(06:51): It's you it's you. Wow. Wow. So it's so it's, it's so needed. So did what you do. I, you know, I honor you queen, I'm so grateful to have you with cau in, in our, just hear, just to hear your comments, right. Just to hear your confidence is my other favorite thing. Right. and just to see, right. And so I am, I am so grateful to have you here. What did your business look like before you kind of got to plant cau? Oh my God. Okay. So I started, I came March 20, 20 to a one day event, $49. I've seen marque, but I was like, I'm cool, but I'm gonna stop by. I'm gonna slide through Atlanta on my way to The Bahamas. Right. Slide on through $49. You know, I got that, see what they got. I mean, I had already been invested in business coaching. And so once I, I heard what he offered, I said, my God, I need that. Like, I'm the greatest coach ever in what I do in my space, which is my bubble. Right. It's no competition over here. No. And but if people don't know that I exist, I didn't have a steady stream of leads. I'm working too hard. It's just a team of one. And so I'm burning myself out, I'm working nonstop and I was making, you know, but it depends.

(08:18): Right. So I think we did by working with que in 2020, it was our first six figure year. No, no. 2019 was my first six figure year, but it was just me. Yeah. And I, and, and I'm passed out every day because I had worked so much and then 2020 comes around, we doubled that. And then last year we three X that this year we're gonna 10 X that, because now I have the system, everything is about systems. So I think it's, I work, you know, 50% less. I still love that. I love what I do. You know, I was supposed to have this interview about an hour ago. I went to go walk on the beach first. So I stayed in The Bahamas. I came to visit, but working with cau, let flip my screen around right quick. You know, I'm about to lose my natural light. Please

(09:00): Let let's just, just a little bit and, and listen to me, GU Literally looks like a. So yeah, so good. I mean, you know, working less, I, I love the network. I love, I think the biggest thing is, is being able to talk to my potential client. And then I also increase my prices. You know, last year's prices, not 10 year's price. So, and that's the biggest thing is we're I was working so hard and the people who pay the least are satisfied and they expect the most and they want the most access. Gosh, if we haven't said that a thousand times and so many people don't believe us though, you know, when we tell them, if you adjust racial, why are you talking to $3,000 people? I'm not, I'm not saying that, that they don't have a right to invest and a right. To get great service. They just can't get that from the baddest chick on the planet. Right. They can't do it. Yeah. Can't do it. Right. And when you have results like yours, of, you know, four, 10 to 800 and a million dollars in compensation.

(10:13): Well, what was crazy, Rochelle is the women. And I'm like, what were you doing before? You know, you had this hot ticket because the, the razor started popping when I went haha ticket, right? Like I was, you know, we were 2,500. And then when the pandemic happened, one of my coaches at Christie, you have triple your prices because you don't want everybody, you just want a few people. So I said, okay, so we'll go to six. And that's when, like at around the same time I started working with, you know, cau and then in cau, you know, you think six is a lot. So I added this whole package and we're like giving like, oh, away all this stuff, because I'm thinking I have to stack the value. Right. And then I hear everybody in the group. I think I'm crushing at six, they kept talking about 10,000.

(10:56): I said, why everybody charge at 10? And I'm only charged six. Like this is right. Michelle, you be like, well, everybody got a $10,000 package and I've only charged a six. And so then I went up to 10 and then the next day got, you know, closed somebody there. Then this year we went up to 12. I mean, we have tripled eight women and we've doubled over 20 in a year in a pandemic. You know what I'm saying? But when they show up with their money, when they invest their money, these women come expecting change. You know what I'm I'm saying like, absolutely that that money is, is hurting them a little bit. And that's the difference that I've learned is like they come wanting change. They gonna expect the ROI and they crush in it.

(11:39): Yes. And they're committed to change, right? Yeah. Not only are they expecting it, but they're committed to change. And so they're, they're committed to doing whatever it takes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Because getting a double or a three X, your salary is not easy. No. Even when they follow your system, it's, it's simple, but that does not make it easy. Right. Yeah. And so when you don't have people who have an investment and a commitment. Yeah. Oh yeah, that's good. They don't do it. Right. And so that's what I always just, I just listen to folks and go, you know, well, yeah, you make the investment, but you don't care about that. You made that little investment to transfer responsibility so you can tell everybody I paid them and they didn't do what they were supposed to do. Because you don't wanna do what you're supposed to do. So that's fun from 2,500 to 12,000. That's fun. That's fun. It makes million so fast, you know, Christy our seven figure society member, right? Yes. Yes. It makes it, it makes it so much easier.

(12:49): It makes the math simpler too. Makes the math so much simpler. What? I know that now it's not just you. I like simple math. I like it. That's why I'm telling, you said makes math easy. Ain't doing all these low numbers. No, no, no. You know, I was so in high school I took calculus and then tested out of it. Right. So when I went to college, I never had to take math again. And literally even the AP exam, like our teacher taught us what the exam was. So we just did exams every day for the whole semester. That's great. So that we could pass it. I passed it with a three. I got my five units. And when I got to UCLA, I never had to take math again, cuz I can't imagine why I need to know the circumference of a wash that goes around it. And then I need to know the volume of that. Why, who cares? Who cares?

(13:42): Why? Yeah. So I just like to count little money and make it simple. Right? Just, you know, 10 times, 10,000. Yep. That's a hundred thousand. We do that every month. We're at the million. I'm happy with that. I'm super happy. So I was asking the question about adding to your team. So how has that gone and how did CA U kind of help you with it? Praise the Lord. The first person I got was my assistant. Right. Which which I ended up doing some interviews with Bianca. Bianca introduced me to three women. I introduced, I interviewed three. I picked one. So rockstar, she's be sales for Audi. She's in South Africa. Amazing. Like she will fight you. She's super loyal. She will say something about Christy. Marty will fight you. She will fight you. So it's not just these, you know, these virtual assistants who don't care and they're not a part of the team, like she's in it, you know? Right. So that was great. So she took a lot off my place. So it's not just me. And it was, it is hard because I used to be, you know, former military officer and I didn't, I had a, you know, 160 people work for me. So I didn't do everything. And then as an entrepreneur who ran outta money, cuz you know, it happens, not everybody, but I ran outta money. So no, it does

(14:51): Happen. It happens to everybody. It's just a matter of time when it does. And I just sit back and laugh when they say, oh no, I've got this all planned out. I go, you know, get older. That's one of the bonuses of being the OG. Right? It's like get older. It happens. So when I had to do everything myself, I was like, wait a minute. I gotta do. And then, and then hold on, let me plug my phone real quick. Then when I started doing everything and I started getting a team, I was like, oh my God. Now I got to trust somebody to be able to do it again. So that was a, that was an interesting transition for me. And then I used to teach and coach, then we automated that because the, the, the lessons are of the same. So that was hallelujah. Now I can spend more time invested in the women as opposed to cuz they can do the self study and then come join us. So that was huge. Yeah. And then I got four coaches. Right. And in the, the money that we're talking about this year, and then we did, I think about 1.2 million in, in and raises in two weeks.

(15:53): That that was my coaches. So my coaches are my former clients who got amazing results. And I invited them back because if you are free, you could teach other women how to be free. So the, the nervousness of can people do what I do, but Markwell is like, what are you talking about? Like you can't coach 10,000 women, you know what I'm saying? Like, and, and be alive and be normal, actually have a life. Right. So, so that transition and then I just recently hired a COO because to be a business owner, who's the, the integrated visionary mix, right. To be a, the visionary I've been running so fast. I don't slow down to do the small details. So she has to come down and peel the layer back and see what we do take together is in our pursuit of let's get this money so I can sustain my bougie lifestyle. So now we're starting to, I'm just saying, hang out time to be looking at this small stuff I got.

(16:43): It's what it's right. It's what it's. But yeah. Now we're, now we have to have the proper structure and systems that where we start to put, you know, a hundred million dollar business on it. It won't fall apart because, so that's what we're working on. Now that's a complete shift from, I thought it was just gonna be me with these women on the line. You know, now we are making some real impact. We haven't even scratched the surface on, you know, what we're gonna do. So it's, it's fun and it's not just me anymore. Right. Well now and, and you have a business now, you know where you were self employed. It was a business, it was a business. Now you have a business. Yeah. And you have some as saleable assets, right? Yes. That is not 100% relied on you. So that at any time when you wanna cash out, you can cash out. Yeah. At any point, if you don't love this anymore. Yeah. Cash out. That's that's the fun part, right? Yeah. That's the, OK. All right. Now let's really think through this now. Yes. It, it, it takes people though. So long as I'm stuttering to even get it out. Right. It takes them so long to get to this level because they believe they have to do it all themselves. Yeah. They are the only one. They they're married to this. Self-Employment kinda like women trying to get raises, right? Yeah.

(18:04): Like it's like, what, what are you talking about? So I love that you talk about your coaches have been set free and so you know that they can help other people. Would you say that CA AAU set you free? Oh yeah. I mean, you know, I, I was just thinking, as you were talking, it's like, I mean, I know that there was more in it and, but I kept investing in these people who were teaching me the 10,000 foot level, but nobody was giving me the three foot level. I can't get to 10,000 feet until you actually put in front of me, what I need to do now. You know what I'm saying? Like, I like the, the, the, the paint by number system is what I call cau because when I was talking to Marquel, you know, just like everybody, right. They'd be like, oh, I got a funnel. I got the, so opera script, I got this, you know, like the stuff that I had read in the book, but I could never make it work. And he's like, yeah, yeah, we, yeah, we we're gonna use part of that, but not really, like, there's a better way.

(18:56): So it's like this. Okay. So number seven is blue. So then I come over here and I paint number seven, and then I be like, okay, number three is red. And then I take the red paint. And then, so it's, I paint my numbers for, you know, super busy are fast moving entrepreneurs who don't wanna slow down because we want our money and we have this big vision, but I, but I kept, it kept falling apart, you know? And no matter how many books I read, you know, I invested in some coaching, you know, some other coaches and I'm not knocking that they didn't get me what I needed, but I needed, I needed the real framework. You know what I'm saying? To then be able to execute what they and talking about. I'm like, but I ain't, I'm, I'm losing it at the, at the foundation.

(19:35): Yes. Yes. And you know, so I say that all the time to people and they don't believe me. So it's, it's always great to hear you say it back to us. Right. Cause it, it is like, when I hear people, I say, it's kind of like my, my daughter in geometry. Yes. Yeah. You, she is aware of it. So she's been exposed to what the theorems are. Yeah. And what the number should be, but she hasn't mastered it. Yeah. And so when you come in, you know, so many people say that, oh yeah. I, I have a funnel. I got that already. You know, I have this, I have this. And it, but you haven't mastered, you don't know why you are putting this right here. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And that's exactly what you said is that no, like you don't know, you know, and you're missing the little things, Jim Roan always says little hinges, big doors, right. Yeah. And that is, you're missing this piece, you know, you forgot to say, you know, in your, this yeah. This piece right here to get so that now you're not talking and hearing objections. Right. You forgot that piece. And so I love that about CA U as we help you with those little pieces,

(20:46): The script is magic, right. Like, cuz I'd be saying different stuff and I don't know what I'd be. I'd be like, I don't know. You know, I changed the conversation so I might leave a part out, you know? And then I get to the end and then it's, you know, I was changing my numbers and you know, it just, it just wasn't going good. I didn't have that solid. And people can feel when you get to the end and you ask for the money. Yeah. That little blip, that small blip in confidence for awareness, you lose the sale every time because they be like, they don't know what the ATL they doing. And I knew I'm a great coach, but I couldn't sell you confidently all the time. It wasn't a hundred percent what I'm on. I'm on. But what I'm not is because I be like, what did I say? Like what I, I drove the conversation this way. I should say this way. So having a strip is bam, BA BA BA bam. So yeah. It's good.

(21:33): Yeah. Well we always tease them because they go, do I have to say this? And we go every comma, every period, every pause, if there's a comma, I want you to pause and they go, oh my gosh. You know? And they're trying to read it fast. I'm like, no, read it. Just like it is. Because if you do it, it is truly setting them up for here. Take my credit card now. Yeah. By now, Right now, take my credit card now. Well, geez. So you said that you are on the trajectory to this a hundred million 10,000 women tell everybody again where you and how they can reach you, what they need to do right. To, to get this in their business. What would you say about cau? Just kind of just give us a synopsis that you're so smart at. And, and so one, they can reach me@changenowwithchrisy.com. You can get my Freek study, how to get a 30% raise without getting a, another degree and without burning out, stop getting all these degrees.

(22:33): One of my clients last night was in an executive MBA program. She was at 85,000. I said, how you, you might have spent, Hey youre, like grown, you know, I'd be going women. Hey, you're a woman like, so she had one from 85 to 200. She finished that. She didn't need the degree. She just need to come over here. Invest in, in herself really is not about investing in us. We're just gonna give you the map. We just require payment for our time and for our intellectual property. But anyway, but you can go to change now with Christy C H R I S T y.com to get my Freek study and double your salary and work yourself out of your job, which is the plan. And then, you know, you know, with, with regards to working with cau, like if you have a business and you wanna get to the next level and you want to actually monetize your business, provide high ticket. And I think so many times for shell people have these gifts that they're giving away for free. I did it. I coached for free for, you know, for, for 20 years. And I didn't know that it was a marketable skill. I didn't know that it was a gift that I could, you know, make a lifestyle and live on the beach and, and sit around with my hair. Looking crazy.

(23:39): Hair does not look crazy. Look, if my curl were like that, I would wear my curls every day. No, it it's cute though. But I mean, it's like, I, this is lifestyle. This is what I wanted, but I, that I, that I couldn't put my hand on it, no matter how hard I worked. And so I love CA U and I refer CA U all the time. People be like, Chrisy do you do marketing? Or, you know, I wanna do a coach of business. I'd be like, you should, you should sign up to, to join cau. And they're like, oh, is there referral link? I be like, I, I'm not looking for a referral. Right? Like, I don't need the referral. This, this company has provided so much into me in my quality of life. And, and it's gonna set us up for generation of wealth. You know, we're good on our referrals. We're we're good. Like that's, that's not a, oh, you, oh, Michelle. You know, I sent somebody over there. I'm gonna want my money. It's like, no, it's, this is, this is the way that currency should work with regards to, you know, to businesses, especially black businesses. So, you know, join C AU. If you're looking, actually one of my clients started her company and she, she invested somebody. I said, what did, what did Becky charge you? Becky charge the 15,000. Right? And I was like, she said, what's your advice? I said, smacked Becky in the face. She was like, and call cau she's. She wrote me back. She was like this, no, really? What should I do? I said, smack her in the face and then called cau. You didn't get, she didn't get anything for, for 15 K. She had nothing. I said, you can't build a business off of this. So anyway, so shes in your program now I didn't, yeah.

(25:04): I didn't require a referral on, but my like, it's, it's so amazing. The team is amazing. Everybody is professional. I love it. When I hear Raelle talk, when you be cussing, you be cracking me up. I love it. Cause I cuss to his freedom, but no, it's, the team is committed. If you show up, you know what I'm saying? Like, and I love the seven figure mastermind for the people who show great because the, the network, like this is the family that I've been looking for, where we're here to cross pollinate, other hungry black entrepreneurs who are just gonna go out and crush it. And there's no egos in the room. We not in here chest bumping because we all think that we're the best in class and there's room enough for us all to shine. Gotcha. So there, I, I, haven't been in a collective group of, of entrepreneurs who, you know, we're here to support each other. So I leave The Bahamas every quarter to come back to COVID late in the us, but a seventh figure society, meetings, anything you think is, I'll be like, I ain't traveling. I ain't traveling. Oh, okay. The Portland meetings coming up, I'm on my way. So so yeah, I, I mean, you know, I can't say enough about it, but it's completely changed, you know, my business and, and my businesses, my life. So it's changed my life too. It's allowed me to be bougier as well. So

(26:18): Bougier we like being bougie. Any last words for marque are fear for you. Yeah. Markwell one. I appreciate you. I, I appreciate you, Rachel, you know, Mike Sierra west, I go on and on and on, you know, just the, just the total team. Right. And you know, for your vision, for your tenacity to stick it out in the hard times, to be able to, to fulfill the vision and to allow me to do the work that I'm called to do and to coach me so I can make the impact that I'm meant to make in the world. So so I appreciate you. I appreciate the team. I appreciate, you know everybody it's seeing you cause it used to, you know, and used to just be the them now it's y'all so it's not just like, oh, let's just talk about marque and Andres. Like, no, Rochelle is in there too. You know, Sierra's in there too. Mike is in there too, so, and, and Wes, and so it's the whole team and low in the events. It's the whole team that that's now you know, cohesive to, to create the larger vision, to make impact coaches who, you know, we're, we're working ourselves and we're not making the money that we want. And then we burn ourselves out when we're bitter. And when you can thrive in, in your gift and, and create the generation wealth that you want and you deserve,

(27:38): Oh yeah. Well, I can't say anything else except for, you know, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for spending this time with me. What's the difference between you and mega successful coaches and consultants with a dream business? Simple, they're getting more leads than you are. What if there was a way to get 50 to a hundred leads every single day, like clockwork, would you want it then go to www dot, get daily clients.com access our paid ad playbook that has brought in millions of leads for our clients over the years, uncomplete autopilot.

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